Tarunima Ghosh

Nature lover, full on romantic, voracious eater who cooks like your worst nightmare, fashion freak who creates a faux pas every time, globetrotter (only in dreams), mad about cats and dogs, obsessed selfie photographer – that pretty much sums up Tarunima Ghosh Laha in a nutshell. Nurturing her penchant for writing since toddling days, she has finally given in to her long subdued desire of becoming a writer by leaving a glamorous yet boring career in hardcore Finance.
Kulbhushan Jadhav

Kulbhushan Jadhav: An Opportunity for Both Nations to Start a Dialogue Process

People to people contacts, bus service, train links, most favored nation status, water sharing, track two dialogues and goodwill visits of leaders – peace process is an everyday business between India and Pakistan ever since the United India was divided into two by the British Empire. The arrest and capital punishment of Kulbhushan Jadhav rocked the Indo-Pak relations.
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Devadasi Pratha

The Curse of Being a Girl: The Devadasi Pratha Tradition in India

One fine morning when 10-year-old Anjali woke up, she was rubbed with turmeric and showered with Neem water. Feeling all neat and tidy, she was then given the first Sari (traditional dress of women in India) of her life and a tray full of tempting sweets to gorge on. Little did Anjali know the terrible fate which awaited her the next day hence. She, like thousands of other girls, was going to become a scapegoat in the religious muddle popularized by the name of Devadasi or Servants of God.
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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs: Solving the Hot Dog Food Riddle

Foodgasm has found a new shape, thanks to the delectable meaty cylinders called Hot Dogs. This darling grab-a-bite snack of westerners is slowly crawling its way into the tummies of fast food lovers across the globe. But did you ever wonder about what goes into making this sandwich-burrito hybrid?
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