Syed Arzan Ali

Arzan is a 24-years-old young and energetic guy from Karachi, Pakistan. He’s a fledgling journalist but a seasoned blogger. He loves to read thrilling novels, and classical poetry. Arzan also loves to watch and play cricket. Reading, writing and listening to music — these are what shape his personality.
War on terror in Pakistan

Pakistan and the War on Terror

Pakistan’s role in the war on terror, which had been recognised by the world until the last US government, has suddenly turned into a question mark in President Trump’s era. The power shift in the United States has certainly brought a policy shift in Afghanistan in general and towards Pakistan in particular.
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Honour Killing

Honour Killing: A Stigma on Humanity

It was a pleasant day. The evening had been dreamy and relatively cooler after the first monsoon rain. Enjoying tea with cookies, I was scrolling up and down on my feed when news caught my eyes. I couldn’t just scroll it down; a Christian teenage girl from Israel had been killed by her father over a relationship with a Muslim guy. That was Tuesday July 18th, 2017.
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The Afghan Refugees of Pakistan

Afghanistan’s invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 made the beautiful land of Pashtuns turn into a war zone as the country became unbearable for its own nationals. Further instability took place in 2001 when the US took its chance by invading an already ravaged Afghanistan in turmoil.
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Gwadar Port

What Does Gwadar Port Offer to the World?

Gwadar port is a hot cake these days in international politics. You must have received the whiff at least if not the cake itself. The port holds controversy as well as agreement. It is agreeable for states that are going to benefit from it while the controversy is roused by states whose interests are jeopardized with the development of the Gwadar port.
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