Sudeshna Sen

A romantic at heart (and a carnivore in terms of taste buds), Sudeshna discovered her flair for writing at a point in life that is almost embarrassingly late. A bibliophile, a lover of cricket and a fan of DC and Marvel superheroes, (who loves to talk in subtexts), she hopes to make it big in the finance industry.
Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong

The Forced Adoption and Rise of a Rebel Child: Differences between Hong Kong and China

“Hong Kong and China have separate passports, you see”, my tour guide stated in her broken English when I visited Hong Kong a couple of years back, her words making me question my hearing. She continued talking about how there is no restriction on the number of children you could have in Hong Kong, unlike only one in China, while I racked my brains to recall the faded memories of my Geography class. She continued pointing out the differences between the two regions while I decided not to dwell on her barely suppressed hostility towards China and simply enjoy my trip.
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