Stuart Chapman

Stuart is a a current affairs connoisseur, picking and scratching at some of the more obscure, ambiguous topics that currently plague the political spectrum. As well as having considerable experience in the analytical art of nitpicking at pariah states and unworkable governments, Stuart manages a UK-based politics publication, and has recently launched his own copywriting start-up firm. As an active member of the Royal Society of Asian Affairs, he takes particular attention to the socio-economic conditions within the region, and enjoys writing opinion pieces within the Asiatic sphere. Outside the world of politics, Stuart enjoys drinking copious amounts of strong black coffee, and jogging at daybreak.
United Kingdom news

Information and News from the United Kingdom

Prior to the First World War, the United Kingdom used to be the world’s sole superpower with a third of the earth’s landmass colored pink on a map; yet if we were to fast forward over one hundred years later, we see a wind battered island on the the edge of the European continent with it’s back literally turned to its continental partners.
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News from Africa

Information and News from Africa

Africa is the world’s richest continent. Crammed full of diamonds, manganese, copper and other precious metals, the potential of the ‘dark continent’ is enormous, yet so little has been achieved in terms of development.
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Staff Training

Bizarre: The 7 Worst Staff Training Videos… like… ever…

We’ve all been there. You start a new, low-paid, crappy job to make ends meet whilst at college, or perhaps you happen to be born a millennial and thus, through no fault of your own, enter the all-familiar slave wage job market. Following a job offer, you are herded into a mundane looking training room, alongside a middle-aged colleague with a mullet and a pimply braced teen, then you begin to be told about your job role through dated training, chewed-up VHS tapes. The acting is just as bad as the career prospects, and you soon realise that the only benefit through watching these training videos is the fact that you are getting paid.
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Vanity projects

Bizarre Politics: The 7 Worst Vanity Projects in Modern History

Vanity Projects? What’s that?

Let’s face it; we all want to leave a legacy on this planet. Whether we are a butcher, baker or a candlestick maker, we want to folks to recognise and appreciate our achievements after we die. Sometimes, people go a little too far and squander public money for vanity projects, often leaving monuments and buildings that tarnish their legacy rather than uplift it.
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God, Volk, Vaderland: What ever Happened to the AWB?

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) used to be a feared force in South Africa, espousing a bizarre rhetoric of white supremacy in a desperate attempt to preserve the apartheid state during the early 1990s. Having failed in their attempt to capitalise on the breakdown of minority rule, they faded into the political shadows, yet somehow the AWB is still intact. Therefore CrowdH asks; who are the AWB, and what ever happened to this paramilitary group?
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