Stuart Chapman

Stuart is a a current affairs connoisseur, picking and scratching at some of the more obscure, ambiguous topics that currently plague the political spectrum. As well as having considerable experience in the analytical art of nitpicking at pariah states and unworkable governments, Stuart manages a UK-based politics publication, and has recently launched his own copywriting start-up firm. As an active member of the Royal Society of Asian Affairs, he takes particular attention to the socio-economic conditions within the region, and enjoys writing opinion pieces within the Asiatic sphere. Outside the world of politics, Stuart enjoys drinking copious amounts of strong black coffee, and jogging at daybreak.
British parliament

“Ni**er in the Woodpile” and Other Racist Parliamentary Anomalies

There has been recent controversy in the United Kingdom regarding the use of the term “ni**er in the woodpile” being used in parliament by Newton Abbey MP Anne Marie Morris. Aside from being a highly bizarre and unusual term to use in the 21st century, Morris had used the idiom to describe the threat of leaving the European Union with a trade deal at a launch of a report into the Britain’s financial sector. But what does this term actually mean?
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Otto Warmbier: Young, Gifted, but Tragic

After hearing about Otto Wambier’s arrest, trial and subsequent mysterious treatment at the hands of the North Korean government, it is fair to say that most people are sympathetic to what happened to him , but he did choose to go to the most despotic nation on earth. He did this in full knowledge that North Korea does not provide the right to a fair trial and lacks human rights because in visiting North Korea, you do not need to do anything wrong by western standards.
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The Problem with Democratic Socialism in Venezuela

Democratic Socialism is literally just socialism, and this particularly term was not really in flux until fairly recently within the United States and some parts of Europe as well. Indeed there are social democracy movements around Europe, yet some of them fall well short of having actually anything to do with socialism. Some of them are literally like the Democratic Party in the United States; essentially a corporatist movement, slapping the ‘socialism’ label on themselves in a vain attempt to have youth appeal, in a sort of “Marx is a splendid guy but communism goes too far” way.
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