Sehrish Khawaja

Sehrish is currently enrolled in a Bachelor in Business Administration program at the National University of Science and Technology. She aims to become is an aspiring entrepreneur, to bring in innovation and remove all social taboos. Sehrish pays keen attention to all the sociological problems emerging in society. Being a great protagonist of education, she finds it as the only solution for removal of all mankind's problems.
Emma Romano and her fight against violence against women

Violence Against Women: Emma Morano and her Recipe to Orange the World

Orange the World is a campaign initiated by the UN to invest in order to stop violence against women. But do you know how this lady Emma Morano did so? Instead of investing in others, she started to invest in herself. The very dear life that we often take for granted should never be left unattended. She recognized this part and ended her abusive marriage before it ended her. This lady makes us feel that we can beat all the crap by all means, and say no to abuse.
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Our Waste is Really Wasting Us

Human waste when not treated properly is actually wasting us. It brings us on the verge of a disaster and a sanitation crisis in the making. The price of improper sanitation is not only paid by ourselves, but also by our future generations. We fail to acknowledge that sanitation really matters.
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