Prashansha Singh

Prashansha, or Prash, is a digital marketer and content writer from Kolkata, India. Prash is curious about everything and is fascinated by the power of words. She believes using the Right Words in the Right Place at the Right Time is the solution to most problems. She also helps businesses with their online marketing and promotion needs. Connect to her at
Feminism vs. Gender Equality

Feminism vs. Gender Equality: Does it Mean the Same?

Whenever someone asks me if I’m a feminist, I answer; “I do believe in gender equality and feminism is a part of it but I don’t call myself a feminist because that would mean I’m more concerned for the equality of a section of the society (in this case men and women) and not for equality for all.” I get these weird looks and a lecture on how “women like me” support men and oppress women and a not-so-polite reminder that FEMINISM IS GENDER EQUALITY. However, I beg to differ.
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Baby Farming: Gujarat’s Surrogacy Industry

Anand, a small town in Gujarat that is also known as the pioneer of Milk Revolution or White Revolution in India, has earned itself yet another reputation of “baby farm” where childless couples can get a baby. With commercial surrogacy banned in most of the countries and a hefty price tag in countries where it is allowed, likely parents from all parts of the world travel to Anand, Gujarat, to “rent a womb” for 9 months.
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Suicide of farmers in India

The Alarming Rate of Suicide Among Farmers in India

Farmers in India are committing suicide at an alarming rate. The issue of farmers’ suicide is brought forward only in one circumstance — for trashing others. Whether it’s trashing the ruling party or the people sympathizing with a celebrity who has committed suicide after struggling with depression for a while.
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Menstruation in India

#HappyToBleed: Menstruation Taboo in India

Menstruation; that regular 4-7 days occurrence in every woman’s life that makes her a woman, from a girl; is often accompanied by a peculiar disgrace associated with it. Even the people with so claimed modern and developed mindsets refuse to talk about it, or embrace it openly.
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