Patricia Abrihan

Patricia has always been inspired by the witty yet innocent voice of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that she believes that writing is able to revolutionize ideas of society. She is a former college instructor from the Philippines and is currently a freelance writer and blogger managing her portfolio. She is open to collaboration and also loves reading and watching movies.

Nanotechnology: Miniature Science

Nanotechnology – The world we live in is full of imperfections, in a sense of natural occurrences we can never control. There are degenerative diseases and artificial facades that can be toppled over by nature that also require extreme manual maintenance regardless of how hard we worked on them.
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Telecommuting and How It Changes the World

Traffic reduce national income by billions each year. That is regardless of the denomination which means that it’s a global problem. As a result, the working class is pushed to work extra hours or wake up hours earlier in order to meet quota or to make it to their appointments on time.
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Mica mining in India

Mica Mining Minors: The Child Labor in your Makeup Kit

Most women find makeup kits necessary, added color in their face makes them appear more presentable and more beautiful. No wonder the demand for these tints produce more product lines and the options we have become limitless — as well as the demand for one of the makeup’s finest ingredient, the mica earth mineral.
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