Patricia Abrihan

Patricia has always been inspired by the witty yet innocent voice of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that she believes that writing is able to revolutionize ideas of society. She is a former college instructor from the Philippines and is currently a freelance writer and blogger managing her portfolio. She is open to collaboration and also loves reading and watching movies.

Bad Intelligence: Why Memorization is NOT Learning

People applaud kids who use memorization to ace exams over and over and they are celebrated as smart. Valuable. But guess what? If you do look at our education system for the past 100 years, it has not changed so much after all.
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Legal Suicide: The Case of Modern Day Euthanasia

Euthanasia. If given a chance, people will always choose to live. This is why we have come up with different ways to keep our bodies in shape: various diets, exercise, and supplements. We build and develop technologies to sustain life. But what if suddenly, someone begs to pass out of this world in a way he or she deems dignified? Would the rest of society allow it?
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College grads and job

7 Things You Should Not Ask New College Grads

Growing up is such an unnoticeable thing that just happens. We think that when we “grow up,” we would be transcended into a different universe and would be conscious of it like a “whoa came from there, and now I’m here” kind of transition. But here is the thing: nobody, as in literally nobody, is ever aware of being an adult. It is just like you wake up one day and you’re there.
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Beauty products

Body Beautiful? How Commercial Beauty Destroys You

Beauty is relative. It should be. However, due to our continuous exposure to the media that has been shaping our view of the world, we have come up with a generic standard for beauty ideals that is impossible to fit in. Or in better words, it’s only beneficial for a few.
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