Nathan Fox

Nathan is a writer, campaigner and social worker, who lives in London and Norfolk. He worked in the private sector before completing an undergraduate degree in social work, graduating from the University of Sussex with first class honours. Nathan has since worked in hospitals and other healthcare setting, but hopes to transition to an NGO where he may have greater influence on change. His on/off love affair with politics reignited following the 2015 general election when he was shocked that progress made by new parties did not translate into seats due to FPTP system. He is a member of the electoral reform society and the green party. He enjoys writers, film and stage, and music.
Jeremy Corbyn

The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn — The Green MP

Apathy has plagued the electorate for decades but, as more and more people are disenfranchised by the degree of unfairness inherent in austerity politics and the rhetoric of career politicians who monopolise the political sphere by shifting policies with the wind, there is an awakening of minds, echoed in calls for voting reform and reform of the House of Lords, indicating a collective want for radical shifts to truly democratic values-led political systems.
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