Mirjana Vuković

Mirjana is a Law student from Bosnia and Herzegowina. She's currently finishing her third year and she's aspiring to become a diplomat one day. Besides Law, her other passion is journalism and writing. For over a year now, she has have been writing articles covering almost every topic, with setting her priority on an objective and well researched journalism. She speaks fluent English and German and has writing experience with both of these languages. Mirjana believes that journalism is a way to open each other’s eyes, provide information and give voice for those who are not able to speak out and say their opinion. Her other passions are travelling and exploring new places, meeting new people and learning new things, as well as art and everything related to that form of expression. Her love for books (reading) and animals has been present since an early age. With her writing, she's hoping to help people get informed and get involved more in everyday problems and discussions.