Martine Trottier

Martine is our french-canadian correspondent, web editor and new media evangelist. She’s always scouring the web and social media for new stories, vital videos and important data to share with the world. Martine is also a savvy world traveler, having visited many countries on almost every continent, and she’s without a doubt, one of our most fierce truth seeker.
Women, Sex Stereotyping

Sex Stereotyping: No, Women Don’t Have It Great Yet!

A common remark I hear men utter, both in casual conversation and in politically geared conversation, is “women have it so good these days.” I then hear them talk about how women get to enjoy taking men’s money in a divorce, “fleecing” men on child support, and other inane excuses about why women have it so much better than men do. At times, I even hear them talk about how women are waging a “war on masculinity” in the West. All I can wonder is how they can be so ignorant of the statistics of what it means to be a woman. Let alone the anecdotal evidence of how life can be as a female in the West.
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