Martha Papadimitriou

Martha is a journalist, a blog writer, a mother and a bookworm. She studied Journalism and Communication and graduated in 2002. She has a restless spirit and loves to learns new things. Martha also wants to make the world a better place, and when she is not working she enjoys reading and cooking.
stem cells, stem cell research

Stem Cells: Are We Playing God with Stem Cell Research?

A few days ago, I found a fascinating article about a human heart. And let me tell you it is not an ordinary one. It is a fully functional beating heart created in a lab by a team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. How they did it? They just used stem cells and stem sell research.
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Is The Truth Still Out There?

On July 8th 1949, the FBI’s Dallas Field Office sent a teletype regarding the crash of a “flying disc” that resembled a common weather balloon, near Roswell New Mexico. That incident was the beginning of a fascinating tale of government conspiracies, flying saucers, hundreds of ATIA sightings and little green men.
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