Madiha Nayyar

Madiha Nayyar is an awarded Sales and Marketing Manager having 7+ years of work experience with notable multinationals within the Consumer-Packaged Goods Industry. A dreamer by the day and writer by the night, she hopes to write a best seller one day. Madiha loves to play the piano, badminton and sporadically with words via her work of course. She currently calls both Pakistan and Canada her home and loves them both equally.

COVID-19: The Next Big Disruption in the CPG Industry?

The onset of COVID-19 has brought numerous developments and challenges for the consumer-packaged goods industry at a global level. The current worldwide pandemic has led the CPG industry into a host of challenges involving an imminent recession, soaring unemployment and layoffs and an all-pervading social distancing which has resulted in mounting anxiety leading to unprecedented and never seen before consumer behaviors. 

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Locked Down Before the Pandemic: Kashmir Vs. The World

Let’s accept it, the year 2020 didn’t start off well. Seeing our world, “a global interconnected village” fall to a complete lockdown was something no country, international committee or organization could have predicted. Globally, continents, countries and cities are increasingly sealing their borders as a reactive yet precautionary way to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19. The only known cure for this pandemic is to practice “Social Distancing” – a recently coined and trending term which has forced our global economy to come to a complete standstill.

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