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Lewis is an avid reader who writes and believes in the beauty and power of the written word. He is aggressive in finding information and knowledge in different fields, and a supporter of the African rising story. Lewis also believes in a free world where people do what makes them happy. He is passionate about writing, and writes for different publications as well as blog at www.ThisPepperLife.com.
African Continental Free Trade Area

The Challenges of the African Continental Free Trade Area

On 21st March, at a sitting in Rwanda, 44 African countries appended their signatures to formalize an agreement for an African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in a move that will see the African countries implement free trade policies among the member’s states.
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African Union Espionage Spying Africa

Espionage in Africa: The Business of Spying

Accusations and counter-accusations have been rife in the diplomatic departments after French magazine Le Monde published a report that the Republic of China had been spying on the African Union by bugging the AU headquarters building. The building was a gift to the AU and consequently used for espionage. China was in charge of the construction and everything related to the building.
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Africa Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming: Africa Has Bigger Issues Than Climate Change

Africa is the Continent worst hit by the global warming menace by all measurable standards. The effects have been adverse with the continent facing its worst water crisis in major cities. Cape Town, in the past year, experienced the longest water crisis ever recorded and barely 40% of the population in Nairobi has access to clean water at all. This has led to water-borne diseases like cholera.
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Kenyan Politics Kenya

Politics 101: A Guide to Politics in Kenya

Kenya is a democratic country that holds general elections every 5 years. Just like in every democratic setting, the winner takes it all, meaning losing can be tough. Having gained independence in 1963 from the British, Kenya has held several elections and that has made it possible for a pattern to form on who or how candidates clinch the seats. These are the fundamentals to consider for your chances of getting elected into a public office in Kenya. Here is a guide to Kenyan politics.
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Coral Reefs Dying Global Warming

Global Warming: The Coral Reefs are Dying

It is an open secret that the environment is fading away. Yet again, another chunk of the ecosystem is vanishing faster than expected. Coral Reefs have been on a sharp decline in the past 30 years. The colorful ocean base used to rage with life. It is now being replaced with an expansive grey region where life is increasingly absent. Our Coral Reefs are dying due to coral bleaching, caused by global warming.
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Can Lab-Grown Meat End World Hunger?

Could Lab-Grown Meat be Used to End World Hunger?

Hunger is one of the major problems in the world today. Research shows that 12.5% of the world population is hungry. It’s a figure that should cause chills on everyone’s skin as everyone on earth needs access to proper food. The technological world has been working on many innovations that could potentially provide a solution for food shortage. One of them is lab-grown meat.
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Artificial Photosynthesis

Artificial Photosynthesis: The Best Source of Alternative Energy

Humans depend on plants for oxygen and to keep the environment clean of CO2. The increase in human population and activities has resulted in a steady decline in plants and thus in the danger of increasing global warming as well as dwindling energy options. In order to fight this almost inevitable catastrophe, researchers are coming up with a way of carrying out the process plants use to create energy outside the plants. This is called artificial photosynthesis.
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Public Debts Africa

Public Debts: Africa Should Embrace Development Over Aid

If all aid was to lead to developments, then Africa would be the most developed place in the world. No doubt it ain’t and that is why, even with Africa being the recipient of the largest amount of aid in the world, it is still the least developed. Isn’t it sad that even after the continued over-reliance on aid, and proving time and again that it ain’t working, we are still on it? Isn’t it more like expecting different results from doing the same thing? We all know how that goes and the faster Africa changes its development structure the better. We need a change from public debts to organic development in Africa.
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Maize Flour Kenya Food

Poverty in Kenya: Is the Government Involved in a Food Scam?

One of Kenya’s big problems since attaining independence has been poverty. To alleviate poverty, production of enough food for the population was the way to go. Well, 54 years later, the Kenyan president has stated that alleviating poverty is one of his key agendas in his second term in office. For how long will poverty remain a key point in Kenya and the whole of Africa’s agenda? Probably a while longer as the prices for maize flour just hiked and it may just be the government’s fault.
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