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Full time college student by day, programmer by night, Kane lives off ramen noodles and slays his keyboard like an maniac for fun.
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Parental Regret: Parents Who Regret Having Children

One morning you come to find out you or your significant other is pregnant. For most people, this is a moment of pure bliss and joy but for others, it’s a scary scenario of uncertainty and fear. You might think an abortion is an option but if you’re the guy and the girl decides to keep it, or you live in a country where an abortion is illegal, well, then you’re done. Most of the times these parents regret having these children… But what kind of creatures does parental regret create? How does this influence our youth? And most important of all; is it for the worse?
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The Opioid Crisis: Painkillers and What the Doctors Won’t Tell You

Ever had pain that just didn’t go away with aspirin? Have you visited a doctor and asked for something to stop it? He probably prescribed you painkillers, and it helped a lot, but you have to be careful as doctors have been overprescribing drugs and misdiagnosing people for centuries to push brand-name drugs. They do this because they get paid by pharmaceutical companies, often causing drug epidemics. Read more