Kanchan Sharma

Kanchan is a 19-year-old young and energetic guy from Kathmandu, Nepal. His hobbies are but not limited to creative writing, journalism, debate and research. He started blogging since he was 14 and he plans on doing so for the rest of his life. He has been on-board at CrowdH since 2015.
Mainstream media and terrorism

Politics, Terrorism and the Mainstream Media

The concentration of media ownership, causing significant leverage to a handful of media houses, has raised grave concerns about the future of press and information homogenization. All things considered, the mainstream media has put blindfolds on news reporting, a fact we need to change to step forward.
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Mahashivaratri and The Pashupatinath Temple

Once a year, for the devotees of Lord Shiva (The God of Creation, Destruction, Regeneration, Meditation, Arts, Yoga and Moksha according to the Hindu Legend), there’s a festival that gives the chills like no other called Mahashivaratri.
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