Kalyana Champlain

Kalyana Champlain holds a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Consultant, instructor, and published author, Kalyana is a technical yet creative mind who is hardworking and dedicated to any project or endeavor.

The Boko Haram Crisis: A State of War, A Cry For Peace

“Suspected Islamist Boko Haram gunmen have attacked three villages in northern Nigeria, killing 28 people and burning houses to the ground in a pattern of violence that has become almost a daily occurrence, police and witnesses have said.” This is just one of the many latest headlines that we are seeing surrounding the crises in Boko Haram.
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Venezuela protest

Venezuela: A Rise of The People Or A Hidden Agenda?

Protests have been happening in Venezuela now for over two months. While it has been said that the start of the protests was sparked by students irate over the human violation of a 21 year old young man allegedly raped with a rifle by military affiliates, it seems to have opened a Pandora’s box of many other issues.
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Congo genocide

Congo Genocide 20 Years Later

The Congo genocide: Mass killings, rape, famine: the effects of war. While many have since moved on from the limited “happy” ending of Hotel Rwanda (some as soon as they threw away the remnants of their popcorn at the theatre), the war in the Congo still continues with rebels aiming to seize the terrritory of Goma in what appears to boil down to a struggle for precious minerals. In fact, what we are seeing now, the U.N. has reported, may be just the beginning of the climax to a long bloody war.
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