Joyantee Raina

Joyantee Raina is a Bangladeshi girl, currently doing undergrad in "Women & Gender Studies". Moral principles are important to her. She loves to travel, as well as photography, film, martial arts & cycling. She believes that the collective effort of all can change the world.
Bodyshaping Society's Beauty Ideals

Bodyshaping: We are Slaves to Society’s Beauty Ideals

Bodyshaping is the practice of changing your outer appearance through a variety of practices, predominantly specific exercise, to bring your body into shape. Unlike regular exercise, these are not necessarily meant to get fit, but rather to shape your body’s appearance to adhere to society’s beauty ideals. Isn’t it scary that society with its size zero fanaticism and beauty ideals has made us specifically shape our body accordingly? And how is our way of bodyshaping different than women that got suppressed with similar practices in different cultures in the past and present?
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