Jarek Martinez

Born in Chicago, Illinois, a journalism major with plenty of hope for his future and career. Reporting and photography are improving every day, but writing is the passion. The drive. Avid movie watcher and media guy. Also minoring in legal studies and applying for paralegal certification. A big dog person as well.

Video Game Addiction

Game Over: Video Game Addiction is Spreading

Playing a video game can be an enjoyable experience and is a great way to pass the time. Whether playing alone or online with others, video games continue to grow in today’s society. But having too much of anything can be bad for you, and video games are no exception. As a matter of fact, video game addiction has become a mental health problem that many experts still take issue in categorizing.
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marvel comics diversity

Marvel Comics, Diversity & Comic Book Shops: Who’s to Blame?

New York Comic Con is a great time for everyone to show their love of comics, merchandise and other things considered geeky. At Marvel comics’ retailer-only panel, writers and marketing employees gave a Q&A to the crowd, but things soon got out of hand. Why? Because Marvel comics don’t sell well.
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Soda tax

Soda Tax Repeals: Why Don’t They Work?

After just a few months of being approved, the Cook County Illinois Soda Tax has been repealed, with a 15-1 vote that will take effect as soon as Dec. 1. So in the end, who wins? Well, soda companies, knowing that their hard work lobbying in Congress ensured that their delicious beverages stay at a price that keeps it available for everyone.

This is not even the first soda tax to come out this year. But maybe when most people cried foul over a tax on their favorite soda, it was for a good reason?
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Roy Moore

The Ayatollah of Alabama: Who Is Roy Moore?

Roy Moore shocked the state of Alabama when he won the Senate Republic Primary. He was not expected to win based on the millions put on his competitor, Senator Luther Strange. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and even President Donald Trump gave their full support for Strange’s campaign, but it wasn’t enough to stop Moore.
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Rastafari: The Weed Religion?

When the word Rastafari is brought up, people tend to think about the dreadlocks that are associated with the religion (even though many Rasta believers do not even consider it a religion). Others may also assume Rastafari is about smoking weed all day and listening to Bob Marley.
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Uncontacted Tribes

Uncontacted Tribes: Should We Contact the Uncontacted?

Researchers estimate hundreds of uncontacted tribes exist today. These uncontacted tribes reside in the jungles or forests of Brazil, Papua New Guinea and other countries around the world. They have languages, traditions, tools and social norms that most explorers are still unsure of. Their isolation and status in an ever-changing environment has continued to conflict with the rest of the planet. Do we interfere, or do we as a society leave them alone and uncontacted?
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