Isabel Matos

Isabel is a Venezuelan translator that struggles to find a voice and to prosper in today’s political turmoil and tension. She is also an undergraduate English teacher and is currently pursuing a Master’s in English as a Foreign Language. Translator, teacher and always student, she is interested in how language shapes reality and how women and men negotiate power through discourse.
Tips Tipping World

To Tip or Not to Tip? Tipping Around the World

Tipping may not be the most controversial topic, but it certainly arises different comments and colors from one country to another. It is interesting how people from one country at one historical point decided who to tip, how much and under what circumstances. Years may pass and these variables may change, new generations are going to tip other workers and under other circumstances.
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Óscar Pérez

Venezuela: Why did the Government Kill Óscar Pérez?

The second week of January, just when people are trying to set new routines, go back to school, and work to somehow continue with life, the Venezuelan government surprised us again with one of the most terrible and violent assassinations ever. We, those who fight and resist, have decided to name things as they are, this was murder. Óscar Pérez, his team, and others were killed after being sieged in a house in the Mountains of Caracas.
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Santeria Venezuela Religion

Santeria in Venezuela: Religion in Times of Dismay

Venezuela is mainly Catholic. There is a small percentage of people who practice other religions, and in the constitution, the link between the State and the Church was dissolved a long time ago. However, as it happens with many of other things written in Venezuela’s books of laws: people pay no attention to it. But there is another religion on the rise in Venezuela – Santeria.
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Christmas Venezuela Crisis Hallaca Manger

Venezuela Holiday Traditions: Bright Spots in a Crisis

Venezuelan holiday traditions are fun and colorful, we don’t miss a chance of celebrating and having some fun together with family and friends. No wonder we have so many holidays and free days per year. Christmas is very special, unlike other countries and nationalities we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween, we devote more time, effort, and energy to Christmas than any other holiday.
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Venezuela news

Information and News from Venezuela

Venezuela – 916 445 km² of one of the nicest climates in the world. Located on the northern coast of South America, we have the best tropical atmosphere of the region due to its various altitudes and green areas. Rainforests, plains, mountains, and paradisiacal beaches cover all the terrain and offer locals and tourists the perfect place for adventure holidays or relaxation trips.
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Venezuela Coffee

Venezuela: Your Mission is to Find Coffee

I have a very vivid memory of being in my grandmother’s house when I was a child and having a large cup of café con leche at around 5 pm with a piece of baguette to gently soak in my coffee. I was only 7, I think, but coffee was a very important part of my routine.
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Ideas and Topics Venezuelan People are Obsessed With

Every nationality has something they are obsessed with. I am not talking about stereotypes, or what other people think about us; this is a completely different subject. The topic I want to talk about today refers only to the ideas and topics that invade our heads in Venezuela. The beliefs, values, and conceptions that we have stamped in our mind like a moral passport.
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