Ian Fingado

Ian is a humanitarian at heart with a B.S. In Environmental Science. He's a pretty radical leftist, but there are still people to the left of him that think he's the liberal version of a cuck. Ian likes pretentious arthouse films and reading about history on the beach while other people have fun around him. New Mexico native, and yes, his answer is green over red.
Clean Coal?

Clean Coal: How Lobbyists Undermined US Interests for Profit

During the 2016 U.S. election, Donald Trump stood on the podium during a rally in West Virginia. Trump had chosen West Virginia, historically an epicenter for coal production, to unleash his full support for what he perceived as an ‘American’ energy source. In front of the screaming crowd, he donned a coal miners hat and gave a vague series of talking points on his support of coal.
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Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands: How The U.S. May Have Destroyed a Country

Colonialism is a term that people think about everywhere because for hundreds of years it was the go-to method for encountering new places. Especially in recent years, people have started to study the consequences of colonialism all over the globe — ranging from Apartheid in South Africa to the backlash of extremist ideologies in the Middle East.
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Puerto Rico

Despacito: Watching Puerto Rico’s Economy Slowly Collapsing

As Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” continues to dominate the U.S. charts as one of the most successful Latin American songs in modern U.S. history, many people are watching the music video and finding themselves drawn into the cities and beaches of Puerto Rico.
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rohingya myanmar rakhine

Rohingya Muslims: Ethnic Cleansing in Rakhine, Myanmar

Is ethnic cleansing happening in Myanmar? There are some key themes that can usually be used to define ethnic cleansing. Some of these include ideas like military control, state media propaganda, violence happening against a growing minority group, etc…
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Lake Chad Crisis

The Lake Chad Crisis: Urgent, Complex, and Almost Completely Ignored

#In the first world, we generally understand our privilege when compared to many other countries. We know that there’s more terrorism in the Middle East, less government stability in Venezuela, and the Maldives is disappearing due to climate change. What we never hear about, however, is the Lake Chad Crisis.
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