Giwrgos Kourakos

Giwrgos is currently a student at the University of Patras in Greece, majoring in mathematics. He has a degree in musical theory and about to take his degree in classical guitar. Giwrgos is also a journalist who writes news articles about current affairs, events and parties around the country. He loves to read books and hopes to write one some day. As a proud Greek, he also loves debates, conversations about politics, religion and so much more!
Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich: Trolling your Way to Major Political Influence

There are very few e-celebrities as controversial as Mike Cernovich… or at least that’s what he’d have you believe. The former lawyer started his online career with “Crime and Federalism”, a blog about law, politics and current affairs. After that, he moved on to create a rather prolific, but quite popular manosphere blog, called “Danger and Play”. And this is where it all started.
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Horseshoe Theory Left Right Politics

United by Hatred: Left, Right, and the Horseshoe Theory

Being from Europe, I find American politics absolutely fascinating. They resemble more of an entertainment event, rather than a careful process where the fate of the country is decided. Plus, the dichotomy between Left and Right is more distinct (by design) and this bleeds in the general populous. It became obvious to me during the last elections and I started recognizing the same phenomena in Europe with Brexit. Could this be the famed Horseshoe Theory at work?
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Jordan Peterson Postmodern

Jordan Peterson: A Postmodern Against Postmodernism

If someone asked me “What does Jordan Peterson believe in?”, it’d be easier for me to answer with what Peterson hates and that is postmodernism. He will actually say this himself about a million times if you ask him, even though he can be considered a postmodern philosopher.
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Carnival Around the World: An Honest Capitalistic Tradition

Carnival, we all have seen or heard about it. We’ve all seen the majestic samba women, dressed in flashy costumes, with feathers, dancing in a frenzied state. We’ve also seen the obscure masks the Venetians wear. Or the two-story floats marching the streets. Most of us have participated either as children or even as adults. Dancing away, drinking, eating, having weird food fights and playing treasure hunts. It’s a tradition for many countries and the fascinating thing is that it has become universal.
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Alexander the Great Greece Macedonia FYROM

Alexander the Great: The Peculiar Case of Macedonia

“Alexander the Great was Macedonian!” – This is a sentence echoing in my head since my childhood. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve heard or read that exact phrase. Greeks grew up having to take on a very rich, complex, and “heavy” heritage. And the zenith of said heritage could arguably be Alexander the Great. You know who this guy is, right? You’ve seen the movies and all the triumphs that made a very small country, Greece, one of the greatest empires ever. Or was it Greek after all? The Former Yugoslavia Republic Of Macedonia, or FYROM, doesn’t think so. Read more