Giwrgos Kourakos

Giwrgos is currently a student at the University of Patras in Greece, majoring in mathematics. He has a degree in musical theory and about to take his degree in classical guitar. Giwrgos is also a journalist who writes news articles about current affairs, events and parties around the country. He loves to read books and hopes to write one some day. As a proud Greek, he also loves debates, conversations about politics, religion and so much more!

Special Snowflake

How to Be a Special Snowflake 101

What does it mean to be a special snowflake? Oh, it’s simple. It means to be a unique and highly competent individual, who is different both in spirit and actions. One whose mind operates to push the limits of humanity and explore the collective unconscious…
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7 Tips to Wake Up and Kick Ass in the Morning

It’s Monday morning, the sun is piercing through the windows, and you hit the snooze button a gazillion times, leaving a dent on your phone. It’s 8:59 o’clock and you have 1 minute to get up, shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. You do none of it, and you simply start cursing, trip over a chair and are late for work.
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greeks, athens

Meet the Greeks: A Day in Athens

Wake up! Damn it; I hit the snooze button too many times. It’s 8! I am already sweating… of course. It’s June; I need a cold bath immediately. Let’s open the windows first. Oh yes, there’s Athens, Greece. You can hear the traffic, see the endless cityscape filled with buildings. When I moved here, I always thought I would be able to see the Parthenon every day. Instead, I see Mrs. Mary from next door watering her flowers. ‘Good morning!’. Let’s meet the Greeks.
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Europe: North vs South – One Union, Two Sides

What makes Europe beautiful is the vast diversity of cultures and lifestyles. You can visit any country in Europe and you will experience different languages, monuments, different people, cuisines, temperaments etc… Wanna see monuments? Visit Italy and Rome. Wanna taste some good food? Visit France and Paris. Wanna hear beautiful music? Visit Vienna. You get the point. We are a multicultural union and therein lies our strength as people of Europe.
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