Emma Saxby

Emma is an egalitarian, activist, freelance writer, photographer, and artist residing in the United States. She studies nuclear engineering, plasma physics, international politics and culture. Emma spends a lot of time hiking, geeking out about Star Wars and keeping up with current events.

The Corporatization of College

Education is a key part of the American dream, theoretically available to those who work hard enough. Self-motivation and having an industrious attitude toward study is promoted as the ticket to a better life, with the “git ‘r done” mindset as present in education as outside of it.
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The Corporate Reconquering of the West: Brutality, Bravado, and Bias at the DAPL

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), also known as the Bakken Pipeline, spans 1,172 miles – from the Bakken oil fields in northwest North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The $3.7 billion project boasts job creation, the safe and cost-effective transportation of oil, and environmental protection by reducing train and truck transportation.
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WARNING: The Shadow Government is Watching You

Of all the theories out there, the theory of a shadow government is the most popular. A google search will reveal thousands of informational sites claiming to be able to prove the existence of a cryptocracy, or shadow government, that runs parallel to many other governments.
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John Kasich: The Underdog

Insulted and dismissed by the media and the majority of the Republican Party, current Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich stands no chance at winning the nomination. His delegate count of 144 pales in comparison to Trump’s 752 and Cruz’s 463.
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