Edwin Ortiz

News should be real news and not stage-managed in any way to serve ANY man’s interest at the expense of the WORLD’S ignorance! Edwin is a future News Author at CrowdH, a freethinker, lover of humanity, and an exceptional writer and freelancer whose principles are deeply rooted in truth and sovereignty! He graduated from the United States International University with a degree in English and has been out to influence the world with his unmatched writing talent and ideas.
President Buhari, Nigeria

Nigeria on the Brink: Is President Buhari Doing Any Good?

Escalating numbers of dead bodies, severe hunger, constant protests, the heavily armed Boko Haram, and a very shaky administration; is Nigeria stumbling to the ground? Well, this is a question that still remains unanswered! With President Muhammadu Buhari still in his alleged “deathbed”, it’s still too early to make predictions on the fate of the once one of the greatest countries Africa ever boasted of. But as at now, any layman can attest to the fact that Nigeria is really on the brink.
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