Derek Schneck

Derek is an aspiring musician with a burning passion for the arts of word smithery. He spends most of his time toying with unconventional ideas, researching whatever comes to mind, and doing whatever it takes to break out of the Proletariat "regular guy" status. Derek truly believes the world to be warm and beautiful entity in the cosmos, and dreams of cultivating massive amounts of finances, so he can help the people around him as much as human limitation will allow.
Age of Enlightenment

Mile Zero: The Age of Enlightenment


People of Earth! The year is 2017 and we can now rejoice in the sweet, sweet blissfulness that is the non-existence of the year 2016, a year of upward blasts, downward corkscrews, and sharp, snaking turns to the left and right alike. Welcome to the age of enlightenment.
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Slacktivism and The Damage Done

Attention! Attention!

This is a public service announcement to all of mankind. But more specifically, this is a public service announcement, to those of you on the front of information, and to those of you who are using your limited voice to fight the good fight, doing anything you can to spread knowledge, to spread truth, to spread love.
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