Daniela D. Franco

Daniela is a Social Psychologist from Venezuela, she is interested in the changes technology and the development of social networks generate into human interactions, and is currently studying Digital Marketing. She enjoys reading, writing and biking while David Bowie is playing in her iPod.
United States American Storytelling and Interventions of War

American Stories: The United States Between War and Fiction

Comparable to a poker game, demonstrating the intentions of a play can cost us the entire game. In chess, before moving a piece, we must think at least three moves ahead. Moving a chess piece without considering the consequences, would put us at a disadvantage. The United States gives life to these analogies. In the game of global domination, they know very well which pieces to move and what expressions to maintain.
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VFX Visual Effects Artist Hollywood

VFX in Hollywood: The Pain of Being a Visual Effects Artist

The most successful films in the last 20 years have something in common: visual effects or VFX. From Titanic to Star Wars, Terminator and Mad Max, no film since 1970 has had less than 20 scenes without special effects. What do we know about this topic? Who gave life to unforgettable characters like Gollum, The Hulk, and Roger Rabbit? But, more importantly, why don’t we hear about a Visual Effects Artist? The new documentary Hollywood’s Greatest Trick reveals just how much an average Visual Effects Artist struggles in Hollywood.
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Facebook Social Networks

Our Mind isn’t Private: How Facebook Destroys Society

Something interesting is happening in our society, until a few years ago, when we arrived at a new place, the first thing we did was look at the menu, choose a seat and go to do what we were going to do there. Those rituals have been maintained, we only added an extra: we ask for the WiFi password. Have you ever stopped to think how many times daily you check your social networks, like Facebook?
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