Caleb Smith

Caleb is a freelance writer and music student from the United States, with a passion for comic books, reading, and punk rock. He loves writing about often overlooked and under-reported stories to help raise awareness.

Bernie Sanders and the ‘Black Vote’

Of all the candidates that seem progressive and more likely to endorse black issues in American and do their best to make sure black voters get the best from election season, Bernie Sanders seems like the best option. However the polls seem as if this is not true.
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Valentine’s Day: A Story of Commercialism

Every year around late January, every story all over the world turns a bright shade of pink. No, this is not pink with embarrassment; although considering the amount of brash buying and selling going on, maybe it should be!
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Who is Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio is not the typical person’s image of a Republican Presidential candidate. He for one is one of the only minority candidates for the Republican party at this time (the other being Dr. Ben Carson).
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War on Coal

US Coal Industry: The American War on Coal

The War on Coal is more than just a headline-generating sensation that has become popular in the past 5 years or so… It is a war that coal has already lost, and continues to lose about once every 10 days. Why 10 days do you ask?
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Journalism Isn’t a Crime, or is It?

In many Western countries, good journalists are the seen as the unsung people’s heroes. Journalists are just common people who look at events that most people may not people about to see and report those findings to the people so that everyone can be informed.
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Jittery About Hillary

Although Hillary Clinton is one of the strongest runners for the Democratic Party, most Liberals seem apathetic at best to her campaign so far. Few people from the party openly dislike her, but the overall response on the part of the Democratic party to Clinton’s campaign has been lackluster, at very best.
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Trump Vs. The World

When anyone looks at Trump’s campaign or he comes up in conversation anywhere in the United States, there will almost always be one of two responses: either the learned conversationalist will talk about how much benefit they see in Trump’s campaign and how he will change elements of American culture, and how we need to shut people out of America until further notice.
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