Caleb Smith

Caleb is a freelance writer and music student from the United States, with a passion for comic books, reading, and punk rock. He loves writing about often overlooked and under-reported stories to help raise awareness.
black lives matter in the war on drugs

Do Black Lives Matter To the War On Drugs?

Black Lives Matter has been one of the huge hot-button topics to many Americans of all different races in the past several years. BLM gained massive media attention after the death of Michael Brown at the hands of officer Darren Wilson.
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The Greek Economy Crisis is NOT Greece’s Fault

In recent years, Greece has gone further and further down the tubes where the economy is concerned. After being forced to default on massive loans from European banks and the European Union’s ever-increasing pressure on Greece to bring the economy back up to levels high enough to pay back the loans, the country is simply unable to catch a break.
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Cuba’s Hand-Delivered Internet

In first world countries we can often tend to take the world of the internet for granted. For example, as you are reading this you probably didn’t think much about how amazing it was that you were able to easily get access to the web and read this article. However, for people in Cuba with massive restrictions, the internet can be a much more valuable commodity.
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