Caleb Smith

Caleb is a freelance writer and music student from the United States, with a passion for comic books, reading, and punk rock. He loves writing about often overlooked and under-reported stories to help raise awareness.
Christmas Traditions Around the World

A Closer Look at Christmas Traditions Around The World

Christmas is often seen as a product of Europe and ONLY Europe. To be fair, that is because most of the traditions that we now hold so dearly in the US, Europe, and other Western countries DO come from around the UK area. However, like many other Western ideas, some other cultures have taken Western Christmas traditions and made them better!
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Drone the Wall!

President Donald Trump had a central idea to his campaign that allowed him to use the fears of Americans about immigration and terrorism: build a wall! (and make Mexico pay for it!). This is idea has been considered nonsensical and nonsensically expensive; what’s the better option?
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Shutdown on Line 9

I think you will find it hard to find a rational person who hates the idea of protecting other people. Note that I didn’t say it’s hard to find a PERSON who hates the idea of protection others; I said a RATIONAL person.
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The Pentagon Was Caught Paying for Fake Terrorism Videos

Not too long ago, the Pentagon was caught paying the controversial PR Firm Bell Pottinger $540 million to create fake videos against Iraqi terrorism. The point behind these videos was to create an anti-terrorism bias in people’s heads and to track terrorist sympathizers. The ways that the fake videos were used is a bit more insidious.
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The People Behind the Brexit

One of the most earthshaking events in world history has happened just this summer: The UK voted to leave the European Union. Most of the world is still reeling, trying to figure out how in the world to react to what is happening in Europe right now.
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