Caleb Smith

Caleb is a freelance writer and music student from the United States, with a passion for comic books, reading, and punk rock. He loves writing about often overlooked and under-reported stories to help raise awareness.
Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen: A Portrait Before the French Election 2017

“Britain will never leave the EU!” – “The star of The Apprentice will never become President of the United States!” – “A really far-right candidate doesn’t stand a chance in the French Elections!” – Two of these statements have come true, even though both were widely held to be the truth. Now Marine Le Pen, far right candidate for the National Front. She was able to get enough of the vote for her to face off against Macron on May 7th, 2017.
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Los Angeles Riots

The Los Angeles Riots: 25 Years Later

It’s hard to say just when police brutality against people of color came to mainstream attention, but the acquittal of the officers that beat Rodney King nearly to death in 1991 is a safe bet. We remember the Los Angeles Riots.
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Earth has fallen

Can The Earth Handle Our Standard of Living?

We have a problem with our planet earth. First, the good news. There are tons of people, of many different races and backgrounds and types. The bad news? Many of those people are in love with technology that is very bad for the planet as a whole.
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Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy for the Average Citizen

Data laws have been all over the charts. The Senate passed a law three weeks ago stating that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are allowed to sell your browsing data to 3rd party ad agencies. Other countries have entire areas of the web completely blocked from view. How can we maintain internet privacy when the odds are stacked against us, the average citizen?
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7 Celebrities Who Are Changing the World

Most of the time we hear stories of celebrities that are completely self-obsessed, drug abusing, or angry jerks. The celebrities that are actually making strides towards improving humanity get put on the back burner, if they’re even talked about at all. You’ve heard of every one of these people, but you don’t usually hear about the good they do for people all over the world. Here are 7 celebrities that are working towards improving humanity!
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Hillary Clinton

What Is Hillary Clinton Up To Now?

Most of the time when a US presidential candidate loses the race, the public totally forgets about them. However, Hillary Clinton is too much of a big name in politics too be totally forgotten. Also, this presidential election was FAR too divisive and angry for people to forget the candidates.
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