Bonfilia Utzurrum

Bonfilia is a full-time mother first, and part-time journalist second. She was born and raised in the Philippines, a tropical country which gives sunny smiles to her life that fuels her ideas when writing. She’s very competent in both social analysis and journalism, which empowers her to speak and be vocal especially in motherhood. Bonfilia has been a freelance writer for different companies handling different clients, catering to their specific niches, thus making her an efficient and versatile article writer. She is always keen to be part of interesting projects.
Cyber sex and child abuse in the Philippines

Cyber Sex and Child Abuse in the Philippines

The Philippines has been dealing with poverty since the day I opened my eyes, and most likely will still until the day I’ll close them. People here are starting to feel hopeless because there is an obvious line between the rich and the poor. But is poverty enough reason for people to be sexually abused? To exploit them and eventually neglect their self-worth to earn as quickly as possible?
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The Philippines Is Not Canada’s Dumping Site

In mid-2013 on a normal day in the port of Manila, a controversial hauling of over 55 containers of 40-footer large waste was received from an international plastic company in Canada and was seized by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Environmental activists, the general public, and even political adversaries were furious. They are deeply concerned on the fact that the only reason why this shipment pushed through was due to the misdeclaration of the contents.
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