Assad Saeed

Assad is a student of electronics from Pakistan with a lot of experience in writing. His fields of interest include computers and technology, however he can also write content on every day issues such as science, history, current affairs and more.
Floods in North Korea

Floods in North Korea and No Help in Sight

North Korea has been the focus of attention on this planet from the day when Korea split into the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). This is because of discontent, harsh relations and a highly militarized disdain that both countries have for each other. Now severe floods can be added to the list of concerns for North Korea.
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TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets

NASA and TRAPPIST-1 Discovered 7 Earth-Size Exoplanets

Answering the question ‘are we alone’ is a priority for many in the science field. The time for that particular answer may not be that far away. It might be that we will soon be able to celebrate that we are not alone in this dark and immense universe. Why? Because the TRAPPIST-1 has discovered seven earth-size exoplanets.
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Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal: The Arms Race

South Asia is one of richest regions in the world due to its wealth of minerals, beautiful climate, a variety of products, the manufacturing sector, and industries. This region is divided into the world’s three rapidly developing countries: Pakistan, China, and India. And the focus is on the Bay of Bengal.
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China Artificial Islands

Artificial Islands in China: Fake Islands, Real Weapons

After World War II, the U.S emerged as a superpower; a nation bent on ruling the world. Dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan, killing thousands of innocent people, created a sense of alarm and threat among the other countries. It caused a fear to lose their sovereignty not only before the U.S but to any other country. This is the story of artificial islands in China.
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Why are Bird Populations Plummeting

Why Are Bird Populations Plummeting?

Why are bird populations plummeting? – This is a major question that must be put in the spotlight. It is an emerging issue in today’s world where every human being is running in the race for development and technology, without caring about the negative effects of our development on nature, natural resources and especially on the animal habitats of this planet.
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Oromo Protests, Ethiopia

Oromo Protests: Political and Land Protests in Ethiopia

Recently a wave of anti-government protests has created unrest throughout Ethiopia. Thousands of people including men, women, children, youngsters, and even senior citizens are crossing their forearms above their heads as a sign of protest against the corruption of the Ethiopian Government. The protests started in the Oromo Region before spreading all over the country.
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Industrial Pollution

The Hazards and Impacts of Industrial Pollution

In the early 90’s, with the start of the industrial revolution, people started to think differently. Science became more advanced and technology developed swiftly. At that time, industries were at a small level and consisted of the factories that produced carbon emissions as the main pollutant. While industrial pollution wasn’t a big topic back then, we can now accurately assess how harmful it all turned out to be.
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Oklahoma Earthquake Leads to Fault Line Discovery

On September 3rd 2016, the strongest recorded earthquake of magnitude 5.8 rattled the Oklahoma state at 12:02 pm UTC. This earthquake was so powerful that it was felt in many adjacent states including Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas. Even 1000 miles away in Florida people felt shocks. A new fault line was discovered by scientists because of that earthquake. Many buildings have been affected badly in Oklahoma and Kansas. One injury was reported due to this earthquake.
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Antonio Guterres: The next UN Secretary General

As the United Nations former Secretary General’s tenure has come to an end in December 2016; the United Nations Security Council has chosen its Ninth Secretary General by election in October 2016. This new figurehead of the UN is known to possess a creative, generous, mature politician and talented personality.
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