Andreas Salmen

Born and raised in Germany, learned a job in IT and Business and ultimately decided that this wasn't exactly where my life was going to end. Left everything behind to become a writing backpacker instead. The world's crumbling away anyway so why not write about it and get a few good Instagram pics on the way, am I right?
Rheinmetall Weapon Factories Export

Rheinmetall: Exporting Weapon Factories to Conflict Areas

Rheinmetall, one of Germany’s biggest arms manufacturers, has seen its profits and margins rise quite substantially in the past year. Why? Rheinmetall managed to circumvent German law to export arms into conflict areas legally. However, the practice of exporting arms is not the end, but just the beginning of the company’s devious scheme to aid the most shocking conflicts on earth for profit. Rheinmetall uses its majorly owned joint venture in South Africa to export complete weapon factories to conflict areas to do with as they please.
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Tor, Darknet and Child Pornography

Dark Net and Tor: Morality vs. Child Pornography

We have already looked at the Tor Project, the Dark Net and Silk Road from a variety of angles. However, we have yet to take a look at the good sites of the Dark Web. Even though many make it out as a criminal paradise, it does not contain nearly as much illegal content as many believe and mostly even adheres to a moral code of its own, especially regarding child pornography.
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Rheinmetall Arms Exports

Rheinmetall Secret Arms Exports: Cheating the Law for Profit

It has been one of the more uplifting news in the past weeks. Germany stopped its arms exports to parties involved in the Yemen conflict, which already caused many civilian losses, creating possibly the most worrying humanitarian crisis today. However, the bitter truth is that German arms dealers and arms exports are not affected by the decision, as they have already found ways to circumvent Germany’s ethical and moral guidelines in order to profit from war and death around the world.
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Dark Web: Sex, Drugs, and Criminals?

The Dark Web: A Place for Sex, Drugs, and Criminals?

We have previously touched upon the Tor Projects, and how the Tor Browser enables people to surf the internet anonymously. While it does make sense and provides many people around the world with much-needed safety against control and oppression, there certainly is a dark side to it. Behind the curtain of internet privacy, there is a dark corner of the internet, called the Dark Web, but is it really as dark and criminal as everyone says it is?
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Programming Children

Programming: Why Children Should Learn Coding

The digital revolution is advancing with every passing year. We are at a point where technology has taken over our lives, being incorporated into everything we do, from entertainment to business. So why aren’t we getting our children in on the ground floor? Programming and computer literacy is still considerably low across the board, while jobs in the field exploded.
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Nelson Mandela Money

Nelson Mandela: A Name Worth Billions of Dollars

It is tough to find the right words to describe the late Nelson Mandela. His name is synonymous with South Africa, where he fought against apartheid for most of his life. Many people elevated him into sainthood based on his down to earth personality, humility, and his selfless acts. The late Mandela spent 27 years in jail at the expense of his family and even refused to be compromised in order to see freedom. He went to prison a young man and came out grey-haired, but he still maintained his vibrant personality.
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Global Warming for Dummies and Donald Trump

Global Warming for Dummies and Donald Trump

Global Warming and Climate Change, often cited, rarely comprehended. It is a hard topic to talk about nowadays, with rising resentments against the very well documented fact that our earth is indeed changing its climate. It surely doesn’t help having a President in the White House that doesn’t believe in anything he cannot understand – so let’s make an effort. Let’s get to the bottom of Global Warming. Are you ready Donald?
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Donald Trump Revolutionary

Donald Trump: A Great Revolutionary?

Is it time to pick on Donald Trump again? When is it ever? It’s been over a year since the election and we are closing in on a full year since Trump’s inauguration. A year since the real estate magnate was hailed into office as a person that had left behind all political correctness and bluntly said what he thought, not pledging allegiance to anyone but himself. His supporters labeled him as a great revolutionary. Turns out he may indeed be the precursor of a revolution, it may just be the wrong one.
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YouTube Adpocalypse Logan Paul Suicide

YouTube: The Adpocalypse, Logan Paul, and Suicide

The rise of YouTube on the internet has been unparalleled, enabling individuals to become successful video creators on the platform. However, YouTube is increasingly failing most of its members, struggling to find a healthy balance between its users and advertisers, also called the Adpocalypse. A circumstance that is further showcased by the trainwreck that is Logan Paul and his already infamous suicide video showing a real corpse, that got trending on YouTube.
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Tor Browser and the Dark Web

Tor Browser: The Key to Internet Privacy

Internet privacy is paramount in this day and age, and we are not only referring to the canceled net neutrality laws in the US. The Tor Browser and Network have enabled countless people to browse and act anonymously on the internet. Regardless of all the positive aspects of the technology, it is all but popular, especially since it gives users potential access to the mysterious Dark Web.
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