Andreas Salmen

Born and raised in Germany, learned a job in IT and Business and ultimately decided that this wasn't exactly where my life was going to end. Left everything behind to become a writing backpacker instead. The world's crumbling away anyway so why not write about it and get a few good Instagram pics on the way, am I right?
LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: Lonely and Victimized

LGBTQ homelessness is not a hot topic anywhere. Why would it be? It’s not visible or sexy enough to catch votes with it, it’s not on our radar at all. When we think about the homeless we think about old dirty beggars on street corners, which is already sad enough, but the truth is grimmer than that. Up to 1.6 Million young people are subject to homelessness each year in the US alone, and a huge chunk of them is part of the LGBTQ community. Here’s what you need to know about LGBTQ youth homelessness.
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Church of Scientology Mental Abuse Physical Abuse

Physical and Mental Abuse in the Church of Scientology

If you’ve heard of Scientology, you heard of them in mostly shady ways. A mysterious organization that presents itself in cryptic messages to the outside world. You may have heard that they are an expensive bunch, or that they work wonders on the mind, and you may find that either (rightfully) disturbing or very intriguing to say the least. But there is another side, a darker side, to the Church of Scientology, one that they fight hard to keep a secret. Reports of physical and mental abuse within the self-proclaimed church are piling up from all sides, and they are truly disturbing.
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Chiquita Banana Terrorist Group FARC

Banana Republic: Chiquita Funded Terrorism in Colombia

Business is business. That means that business decisions have only one thing in mind – the company and their profits. It’s a nice code of honor to shield yourself from the emotional consequences of decisions made out of greed. The prime example of this is banana company Chiquita, which has been found guilty and reached settlements over their business decision to fund terrorist groups in Colombia for their personal gain, causing the death and suffering of thousands.
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Generation Snowflake

Generation Snowflake: Toughen Up or Else?

Life is hard, challenging, and unforgiving. It takes a certain skillset to successfully maneuver through adulthood, because once you leave your parent’s womb and four walls the world suddenly loses all interest in your general existence and feelings. However, we are currently in what many dub the generation snowflake, a generation easily offended and embracing each and everyone’s uniqueness above everything else. It not only highlights the apparent divide between different generations but also showcases how this generation snowflake consequently takes things to an unhealthy extreme.
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Parkland shooting

Parkland Shooting: More Guns and Ignorance

We’ve talked about the Parkland Shooting before, but as mass shootings go, they have a severe and long-lasting impact. Nevertheless, I actually didn’t want to address it more than once, out of fear of repeating myself, out of fear of making redundant points that don’t bring any of us forward. However, seeing high school students across the nation rise to the occasion, facing corrupt politicians that refuse to take them seriously, demanding yet more weapons inside schools, is simply incomprehensible.
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President Trump Business

Donald Trump: A President and His Business

The President of the United States is an official position filled with varies moral responsibilities and requirements. One of these requirements is the sole dedication and loyalty to the country and its citizens. Donald Trump seemingly fulfills neither of those requirements, as he is frequently seen and quoted with utmost concern toward himself and no one else, which raises an important question. Just how impartial is President Trump in regards to his own business, which he, unlike other Presidents, doesn’t seem to give up? The truth is, Donald Trump earns more than ever, thanks to his Presidency, and he seems eager to exploit it to the fullest extent.
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US Politics Corrupt Lobbying Super PACs

Super PACs and Lobbying: How Corrupt Are US Politics?

The USA, land of pride, land of the foolish, we like to look at poorer countries and belittle them for their values and way of doing politics. We mainly disregard them for their inherent corruption on every level, as found in many African and Asian countries to date. What we like to ignore though, is the fact, that the self-proclaimed democracy of the world, the pinnacle of personal freedom, the United States, has a lot of issues too. One of which is corruption on the highest level of US politics. They just don’t call it that, they call it Lobbying.
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Facebook Social Media Children

Facebook: Social Media and Its Effects on Children

Social Media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are here to stay. With time, the use of Social Media among kids is increasing at an alarming rate as well. As parents, we want our children to live a meaningful life. We want them to spend their time in productive ways, but the internet has taken a toll on almost everyone including teens and children.
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Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Fake News Deepfakes

Machine Learning: The Future of Fake News

The internet is an important invention for information distribution across the globe. However, as an openly accessible technology, abuse is unavoidable, especially for reasons of propaganda and fake news. The main companies in the technology space, such as Facebook and Google, already accommodate fake news to make a profit, but we are just standing at the beginning of a much bigger issue. Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning, may soon elevate fake news to the next level with fake videos that will become real and efficient enough to fool everyone. So-called Deepfakes have already invaded the porn industry, causing a number of concerns. In the end, Machine Learning will have to fix itself, and the sooner the better.
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Far Right Right-Wing Europe European Union

Left to Right-Wing: Creation of the Far-Right in Eastern Europe

When we think about Eastern Europe, we still have very distinct images and stereotypes in mind. The Cold War painted the East in a communist red that is hard to wash off, but eventually, they tried. In the 90s, many Eastern European Countries were full of hope and motivation to transition and converge to the rich west by means of liberal policies and a free market. But tipping the scales is a risky endeavor, one that would swing Eastern European states from left to right until, eventually, the far right took over. But how did the right-wing come to fruition in those former socialist societies?
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