Andreas Salmen

Born and raised in Germany, learned a job in IT and Business and ultimately decided that this wasn't exactly where my life was going to end. Left everything behind to become a writing backpacker instead. The world's crumbling away anyway so why not write about it and get a few good Instagram pics on the way, am I right?
Left-Right Political Spectrum Politics

Left-Right Political Spectrum: Consequences of Simple Politics

We humans like to put things into boxes. We love to describe things in black and white, both our world and ourselves. That’s why we use the left-right political spectrum to describe politics because it’s a highly complicated topic that isn’t easy to comprehend for the masses unless we keep it simple. But how does the simplification of our political system in debates, news, and electoral campaigns influence our perception of politics?
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Brexit Vote Leave Donation Cambridge Analytica

Brexit: Vote Leave, an Illegal Donation, and Cambridge Analytica

The world has been taken on a wild data rodeo ride surrounding Cambridge Analytica in the past week. We collectively uncovered how the data firm used Facebook to run political campaigns in their clients’ favor across the world, most prominently the Trump campaign, but also in Kenya for Kenyatta. Of course, where there is Trump, there is Brexit. The Brexit campaign was the second largest uproar of populist sentiment in 2016, so it seemed almost inevitable that someone would allege and eventually prove ties between both incidents in terms of tactics. The Brexit vote, in particular, seemed under constant attack of alleged illegitimacy that has since not been proven. This could potentially change now with new information and new whistleblowers surfacing. However, the big question remains: does it stick and did Vote Leave, indeed, overspend their budget to gain an unlawful advantage during the Brexit campaign?
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US Coal Industry Coal Miners

Broken Promises: The US Coal Industry is Dying

Coal was a dominant topic in the presidential race of 2016. Hillary Clinton vowed to go further down the road laid out by Obama, famously dubbed the “War on Coal” by Republicans (which isn’t accurate, but more on that later). This meant focusing on aid for retired and laid off coal miners in anticipation of a further decline and to soften its social implications, while also banking on reducing carbon emissions and strengthening renewable energy. Trump, on the other hand, posed as a close ally of coal miners in states dominated by coal, using them as cheap props at rallies while he promised them they would all get their jobs back. After over a year, none of his promises turned out to be true. The US coal industry is dying, and the current president is only making it worse for those he swore to represent, especially coal miners.
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Novichok Nerve Agent Attack Britain

Britain Novichok Nerve Agent Attack: All Questions, No Answers

After the alleged Novichok nerve agent attack on Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury at the beginning of March, the diplomatic relationship between Britain and Russia has hit a new low. The incident has major implications for western relations to Russia, but the whole murder case provides more question than answers. It’s a highly complicated crime that may never get proven beyond reasonable doubt. Yet still, its ramifications may be huge.
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Geography US Russia

How Geography Shaped the USA and Russia

There are 195 countries in this world, and most of them are unique in several ways. They possess their own history, culture, and citizens that separate them from the rest of the world in one way or another. An important factor as to how and why nations have developed the way they have is their geography. Geography is the very foundation of any nation, influencing their growth, security and wealth in a significant way. Geographical features dictate the national and international policy of every country, which is why we want to take a look at several nations, this time the US and Russia, to analyze how geography shapes and influences their every decision.
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Failing Democracy Politics

Are We Failing Democracy or is Democracy Failing us?

We live in tumultuous times. The re-emerging of right-wing nationalist ideologies, rising sentiments of white supremacy and an almost revolutionary smell in the air. Western Democracies around the world experience a shakeup. An increasing neglect of progressive values, replaced by nationalist patriotism by the rise of a new right. Fueled by the rejection of the elites in power, the “simple” voter seems to rebel against the status quo from both the left and right. That begs the question – Are we failing Democracy or is Democracy failing us?
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Left-Right Terminology Politics

The Origin of Left-Right Terminology in Politics

Politics are a complex thing. So complicated in fact, that many people struggle to keep informed. The world runs at an exhilarating pace and even if we confine ourselves to our own countries in terms of political agendas and elections, it’s still a lot to take in. That is one of the reasons why we like to generalize politics into handy left-right terminology to summarize both our own views as well as the parties we vote for. But where does this terminology come from and what does it mean?
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Racist Racism Inequality

The Racist Agenda: Politics at the Expense of Equality

Rising political tensions, a strengthening right-wing, and Donald Trump. Racism is as big of a topic as it’s always been. What we often like to ignore though is that racism never decreased nor that it’s at its peak now. Previous US Presidents cleverly used underlying racism and racist notions to collect votes and carve a way to hell for most of the black population in the US for the past decades.
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Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

US Right-Wing: Radicalization and Conspiracy Theories

We’ve previously covered the apparent divide in US politics, of left and right drifting further apart on all fronts, creating a dangerous political atmosphere in the country. It doesn’t come from nothing either, with social media aiding the spread of fake news on all sides and a sense of patriotism and revolution in the air one can almost taste. The most worrying aspect of it all is the growing and increasingly radical right-wing that digs itself deeper and deeper into a hole of conspiracy theories that cover everything they don’t agree on, be it mass shootings like Sandy Hook or political opponents like Hillary Clinton.
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color-blind racism equality

Color-Blind Racism: Think you’re not Racist? Think Again!

Abolishing inequality in the world is a big goal, one we continuously try to move closer to. One aspect of it is racism and the challenges it creates in our society. You see, the problem is, we all are racist to a certain degree, even those of us, that claim to be color-blind or treating everyone the same.
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