Andreas Salmen

Born and raised in Germany, learned a job in IT and Business and ultimately decided that this wasn't exactly where my life was going to end. Left everything behind to become a writing backpacker instead. The world's crumbling away anyway so why not write about it and get a few good Instagram pics on the way, am I right?
Electric Cars Emissions

Electric Cars Emissions – It Can’t Get Worse, Can It?

Since the dawn of mankind the human race has kept evolving, making its mark on planet earth in more ways than one, some of which weren’t exactly harmless to the world we happen to walk or, in this case, drive upon. One of which are cars. Unfortunately, electric cars don’t necessarily have fewer emissions, so they are not an immediate solution to the problem.
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Affordable Care Act

Trumpcare: Goodbye Affordable Care Act

The US presidential election and the candidate’s campaigns have dominated most of 2016 and seemed to painfully stretch out longer than they actually were, filled with scandals and surprises alike. One of which is the planned revocation of the Affordable Care Act to replace it with Trumpcare. What could sound scarier?
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