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Is it viral? Video and Barbarianism

Lawyers protest by storming into a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan, a country previously climbing the ladder of development at a snail’s pace, is now progressing very quickly with an increase in the literacy rate, a decrease in terrorist activity, and perhaps a better standard of living for some social classes. Additionally, the number of people in the country using the internet is now at a massive 35.1 million, and 25 million Facebook users. 

Pakistanis are always on the quest for seeking more information, and any video that is funny or has some important information to impart goes viral and the whole country is quickly talking about it. Unfortunately, videos are not the only thing going viral in Pakistan- seemingly, so is barbarianism. 

Very recently, a video of a doctor went viral in Pakistan in which a doctor trolled lawyers as he spoke of an incident when one lawyer asked the police to arrest the doctor for not providing priority care to a lawyer. The doctor, from the Young Doctors Medical Association, also mentioned that two lawyers went to the Inspector General of Police and coerced him to arrest the doctor under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997. After the Inspector General refused, reportedly the lawyer told him to at least file ” a case” in order for him to be able to avoid embarrassment. 

Lawyers gathered in multitudes, hundreds to be exact, to protest against the video. However, it is to be noted, that their protest wasn’t a silent one nor was it based on discussion. How did they protest against a viral video made by an unknown young doctor? 

Lawyers attacked the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), stormed into the Intensive Care unit, and wrecked havoc. The protest was extremely violent where stones and bricks were pelted towards the building, cars were destroyed in the parking lot, and innocent patients were vandalized and refused care. It was also reported that one lawyer removed the oxygen mask of a 22-year old mother in the intensive care unit who died within a few seconds. Six people in all died because they were in critical condition when the attack took place and because of the mayhem, were not given proper attention- or for that matter any attention at all as everyone was running for their lives. 

Fayazz ul Hassan Chohan, the Information Minister of Pakistan, arrived on the scene in order to negotiate peace. Instead of civilly complying or even listening to the minister, the lawyers attacked him, pulled his hair, ripped his clothes, and beat him with their fists. Chohan later claimed that the lawyers were trying to “kidnap” him and vows that he will be taking due action against the responsible party. 

In consequence, the Young Consultants Association has announced a nationwide strike, saying that until the responsible party is given due punishment, no doctor would come to duty. At least that is the stance they hold till tomorrow, Thursday December 12th. 

In this clash of egos between doctors and lawyers, which is absolutely absurd to the core, the bereaved party are the patients and the innocent people trying to get their family and loved ones due treatment. With those six innocent patients dying in one incident- all because of a viral video- humanity and civilization has died within this country. Of those six people, there were two mothers leaving grieving families behind and the other four (yet to be identified) definitely leaving households overflowing with anguish. How will those families feel about lawyers for the rest of their lives? 

Now that doctors are on strike, there will be hundreds if not thousands of patients unattended and without treatment tomorrow and for however long this continues. Who is accountable for their demise? The extremely worrying factor is that this was a protest by the educated/privileged class- lawyers, responsible for upholding the law and protecting citizen rights in courts. What can you expect from the illiterate in such a situation? 

Surprisingly, with the thousands of articles published about the pros and cons of social media, spreading hatred and causing immense protests wasn’t exactly a factor considered. For those looking to advertise through this medium, there is dire evidence that you will be seen and heard if you have something to say- preferably something funny or negative. Because, you know, simple positivism doesn’t get as much attention, especially in a country where the educated class believes killing innocent patients and pulling the hair of your lawmakers is the best way to comfort your cracked ego. 

The lawyers have definitely made a statement – a statement that they are most uncivilized and barbaric. While they need to dwell more on their character and their role in their profession and in this country, perhaps we all need to either think about where this world is going or accept where we are headed. 

T.S Elliot said it plain and simple, “Let’s not be narrow, nasty, and negative”. But can we?

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The Jest of Joker: What happens now?

Joker (2019) has made the crowds go wild by grossing over $300 million worldwide so far. The movie has only been out for one weekend and has broken box office records – making it a huge contender for several nominations this year.

The cinemas are filled with curious souls, trying to become a part of the legendary hype, perhaps less because of their genuine interest in the move but more because they want to say “been there, done that”. While Joaquin Phoenix has escalating chances of being bestowed with an Oscar this year and not only being limited to a nomination because of his superb acting, there are probably relatively few who understand the symbolism that his character portrays. Of course, the meaning is open to interpretation.

Joker is the story of a lower class, struggling stand-up comedian, Arthur Fleck, who is struggling with mental health issues including a neurological disorder that causes him to burst out laughing randomly and continue without being able to stop. Although, some viewers may see this just to be a peculiar, or scary addition to the script and associate it with the scary laugh of a clown, this can also be symbolically associated with bullying, belittling, and the way people laugh at others.

People laugh at others continuously without there being a valid reason and find it to be okay or enjoyable. However, no one appreciates it when Arthur randomly bursts out laughing and continues. In fact, it instigates other people into continuously asking him “What’s so funny?” and eventually attacking him. Perhaps it is Todd Philips’ way of mocking society, bullies, and people in general who find it normal to laugh at other people. In essence, Philips may be saying that people who laugh at other people without due cause have a psychological disorder and must see what it looks like on screen.

Fleck, then later dons the guise of Joker and gives everyone “what they fucking deserve.” Without giving too many spoilers to those that haven’t seen the movie, we can simply say that the movie is a representation of how unfairness, bullying, disrespect, and a lack of empathy for those that are struggling can turn someone into a villain. While the main message of the story is true and really needs to be pondered upon by society, unfortunately, the movie may be causing mayhem as well.

Apparently The Telegraph asked Phoenix, (the acclaimed actor who played Arthur) whether he was concerned about the perverse effects that the movie may have on the kind of people it is about – namely involuntarily celibate men who are suffering from mental health disorders and a lack of acceptance from society. Reports suggest that Phoenix got up and walked out of the interview when this question was posed.

Well, Phoenix isn’t the only one walking out- plenty of viewers are walking out of cinemas midway of Joker because they found the content too disturbing. While that is alright, as the movie is not for everyone, there have also been other instances where people felt unsafe in the cinema because of other viewers acting inappropriately or in a very disturbing manner during the movie. There was an instance where one viewer kept loudly clapping whenever Joker murdered someone. While some viewers sharing the cinema with him were disgusted or appalled at the behaviour, others were definitely disturbed thinking that there are people who literally believe that taking revenge from those that have hurt or wronged them by physically assaulting them is applaudable. There have been several other incidents in cinemas which have frightened the audience.

Social media is also full of Joker memes suggesting that the character is a hero and that people should get what they deserve. Teenagers as young as 15-16 are putting up posts about “understanding villains” now. Although, the purpose of the movie is most likely for people to understand why villains become who they are, the main purpose is to PREVENT it by being more empathetic, kind, understanding, accepting, and giving them the help they require.

Unfortunately, it seems that some people are taking it as the movie saying that it is okay to become a villain or a murderer if society has been unkind to you.

The youth, or even adults, most definitely shouldn’t take the message that grabbing a gun and shooting down anyone who has not treated them appropriately is the way to go. Most of the time we should let karma give them “what they fucking deserve” and pulling a gun is never the answer. The grotesque life that the Joker is living is not to be admired, but learnt from. My personal favorite scene in the movie is when Arthur lets his midget co-worker, Gary, go and says, ” I won’t hurt you Gary, you are the only one who was ever nice to me.”

Perhaps instead of idolizing guns, revenge, and such actions, we should idolize kindness and how by being kind, considerate, and caring, we can prevent crime and people from becoming Arthur Fleck- the Joker.

All of us should be like Gary.

Instead, he was probably the most overlooked character in the whole movie as I don’t see a lot of people talking about him. Obviously, negativity sells and people are more intrigued with the Joker rather than his midget co-worker who got away because he was sympathetic and a generally nice person.

There were several nail biting scenes in the movie, some jumps, gasps, and sometimes you may simply want to bury your head in your friend’s shoulder and never look up. The move is for those with a strong heart and a strong stomach. However, I do wish that those watching it also had a strong intellect.

Here’s to Joker, the Oscar that Joaquin will be getting this year, making even better movies in the future, and to a kinder world- the real message Joker was conveying!

Do watch it if you haven’t done so already!

child labor of pakistan

No Applause, Accolade, or Achievement: Child Labor in Pakistan

Street traffic increases every morning as people rush to go to earn their living leading to the constant honking of horns, the exchange of a few harsh words, and continuous nervous glances at watches or cell-phones, checking the time. While some are perfectly poised behind the steering wheels of glistening cars, others are swerving their motorbikes through tight spots in order to reach their small shops. Among them many children. Child labor is still plenty to be found in Pakistan.
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