Alex Myers

Alex works full time in the tech industry and moonlights as a writer. When I’m not at work you might find me playing Street Fighter or watching John Wick. Alex is passionate about social justice, foreign policy, and laughing. Reach him on Twitter @AlexMyers_008 for a chat!
Donald Trump

President Donald Trump: Grab ’em by the Politics

President Trump is desperate to score any wins he can for his administration. He has signed many laws into effect at this point, but none that have any real positive impact on the average American citizen, with a majority of Trump’s actions being repeals of regulations passed during President Obama’s tenure.
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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen Charged with Misappropriating 5 Million Euros

Marine Le Pen, the far-right former presidential candidate and current member of the French parliament is being charged over a financial scandal. French investigators have already opened a case, with a probe into allegations that Marine Le Pen and her party, the National Front, have illegally claimed five million euros from the European Parliament to pay for work done by the National Front in France. Read more


Cannabis in Colorado – Legal Cannabis and its Positive Impacts

The complete recreational legalization of cannabis in Colorado was a surprise and a delight to many, so how has it panned out? In general, pretty damn well for Coloradans with fewer people in jail, more cash out in the economy, and more new jobs available.
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