Alex Muiruri

Alex is a passionate writer based in Kenya. He's also a professionally trained health officer and a great enthusiast of science and technology. Besides writing, he enjoys doing motivational speaking and possesses strong opinions on life. He's a lover of people and enjoys good company. He's also a devoted Christian, but respects the beliefs of others.
Food proverb

Food Proverb: How Food Slogans Mislead Us

It’s a characteristic of humans to pass down thought processes to their offspring. In so doing, proverbs from the Mesopotamian era are still with us today. It’s unfortunate that most humans never question them. They just swallow them, waiting to pass it on to their next in line. Like the food proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. You have always believed that, right? Well, sorry, but I have to tell you, it’s a lie! Not entirely. But most of it. Today we’ll pause and question a few of these false food proverbs.
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The Gambia Tourism Tyranny

Holidays in The Gambia: A Story of Tourism and Tyranny

The Gambia symbolically stands for Africa in all the wrong ways. Government leadership in many African countries has long been anything but democratic. In fact, democracy could be mistaken to resemble ‘dictatorship of the majority’. There are leaders who have stayed in power for more than thirty years. Others are clocking four decades and still seem undaunted.
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Trump Racist Remarks Shithole

Shithole: The World Reacts to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a man who never shies away from controversy. He has a way of setting tongues wagging. He will speak his mind without care. Sometimes it appears like he talks and thinks later, quite atypical for a man of his stature and president of a superpower. The most recent upset was Trump’s racist remarks, describing several nations as a shithole. But like him or hate him, he may be a great revolutionary after all.
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Waragi Uganda Alcoholism

Pearl of Africa: Waragi Alcoholism in Uganda

Kaliro is a small rural township in Eastern Uganda, about 150 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. On any given day, men and women of all ages can be seen entering a particular homestead. Others can be seen staggering out. You would be forgiven to think there is a special occasion going on in there. Enter the homestead and you will find many more people. Men seated together in their own groups and women in their own groups too. Some are already lying on the floor, motionless. It is not a party, these people are here to drink waragi, a home-made illicit brew. Read more

Jacob Zuma President South Africa Rape

Jacob Zuma: President of Rape and Corruption in South Africa

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa is a man under siege. That is if a recent court order is anything to go by. He has been like the proverbial cat with nine lives. His political career as president has had many lives. Indeed he has survived several chilling votes of confidence against him. But his lives do eventually run out. And for Zuma, after rape and corruption allegations, this could be the last one.
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Africa in 2018 Poverty

Africa in 2018: The Best Possible Future for the Continent

It’s 2018! A chance for another fresh start. The previous year has been quite eventful creating both happy and sad memories. But bygones are bygones. We now look ahead, ready to take on what the day presents. 2017 set the stage for Africa in 2018. Many unsettled scores have been carried over to the new year. The never-ceasing political and social drama is patiently waiting to once again explode in our faces after the festivities come to an end. That said, here are the expectations and wishes we have for Africa in 2018. Read more

Adebola Williams Elections Youth

Adebola Williams: The Mastermind behind African Elections

Adebola Williams is a young Nigerian media entrepreneur. He is just over thirty years old. His impact has been so tremendous that Nana Akuffo-Addo, the Ghanaian president, publicly referred to him as “the man with the golden touch. Everything he touches turns to gold.” Williams has helped three presidential candidates clinch victory through a series of strategies, which has not gone unnoticed. But who exactly is Adebola Williams and what is his strategy?
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Harvey Ball, History Personalities

History: Great Personalities Forgotten in Time

I bet we all know of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Their innovations in technology have had a huge impact on the world. Others like Albert Einstein and Henry Ford have left a lasting legacy with their contributions to the world. There are many other great personalities throughout history whom we know and celebrate for their great innovations or contributions to the world. That said, there remain others whom, even after making great contributions, have become forgotten and we hardly know about them. In this article, I will introduce to you ten great personalities I bet you didn’t know about.
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