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Central Asia

Child Bride and Child Marriage in Pakistan
Partition of India and Pakistan

Uprooted: The Partition of India and Pakistan

Turkey and Iran Kurds

Turkey and Iran: Friends in Misery

East Asia

Kim Jong-nam's murder

Untangling the Mystery of Kim Jong-nam’s Murder

Air Koryo Airplane

The World’s Only 1-Star Airline: North Korea’s Air Koryo

Suicide bridge

South Asia

Dashain in Nepal

Dashain Festival in Nepal Redefined

War on terror in Pakistan

Pakistan and the War on Terror

Girl in Nepal

Being a Daughter in Nepal: An Unimaginable Curse

SouthEast Asia

Kasambahay Law

How is Philippines’ Kasambahay Law So Far?


Information and News from the Philippines

Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya Muslims Massacre: Dawn of an Open Genocide

SouthWest Asia (Middle East)

Balfour Declaration
Kurds in Turkey

Kurds and Kurdistan: Piggy in the Middle


Who Are the Kurds and What are They Doing?

Asia in Video

Cycling in Rural India for Gender Equality

Still The Most Shocking Second A Day

Japan’s Zero Waste Town