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Artificial Islands in China: Fake Islands, Real Weapons

After World War II, the U.S emerged as a superpower; a nation bent on ruling the world. Dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan, killing thousands of innocent people, created a sense of alarm and threat among the other countries. It caused a fear to lose their sovereignty not only before the U.S but to any other country. This is the story of artificial islands in China.

The trend of nuclear weapons and the arms industry is rapidly growing all over our planet. It seems like an endless arms race. When a country takes the lead in this race of collecting weapons, it tries to rule the world by becoming a superpower.

China Built Artificial Islands

Today there are some rapidly developing countries including China. China has a particular importance in every aspect of today’s world. Whether it is economic development or defense, China never seems to compromise. This is because China has overcome all the problems and obstacles on the way of development. Security has become a priority for China, ensuring its nuclear program and progress it has made over years of efforts.

It is revealed that from the start of 2014 until now, China has been actively building artificial islands on the reefs and has military and logistical bases on these islands. These islands are fully equipped with access communication channels, helipads, runways, high functioning radars, guns and missile placements, navy piers, modern military arms facilities and other objects of strategic importance.

Cuarteron Reef is one of China’s artificial islands. It is located in the South China Sea. Cuarteron Reef is 231,100 square meters large and full of structures and buildings, tennis courts, running track, power plants, communication towers and antennas, a long runway, two helipads, high functional radar system and heavy guns. Other than this six more reefs are armed with the latest equipment containing loading stations, ports, navy piers, greenhouses, and beaches.

Artificial Islands for Defense Purposes

As far as the Government of China is concerned, Beijing is claiming that these artificial islands are only for defense purposes. China’s Defense Ministry stated on its website:

“The construction is mainly for civilian use. As for necessary military installations, they are mainly for defense and self-protection and are legitimate and lawful”.

The U.S is now becoming worried about these acts. The presence of these artificial islands in the South China Sea will abandon the U.S trade in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, the U.S is concluding that China is the next superpower with “potential” threats of war. In a statement by Admiral Harry Harris Jr., the head of the U.S. Pacific Command, he said:

“The U.S. military will also not soften its opposition to Chinese expansion in the South China Sea”.

According to critics, China is doing all of this to maintain its defense and economy alongside. Some analysts have also signaled that China is going to be the next superpower on planet Earth.

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