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Arthur Jones: A Republican Nazi for Congress?

We often like to point out worrisome right-wing ideologies amongst populist Republicans in the US and elsewhere in the world, and in doing so, hope to avoid slipping in a mindset where racism and bigotry are normal attitudes to have in politics. It’s only when we witness true nazi ideology when we realize just how far that sentiment can drift off in the wrong direction. Let us introduce Arthur Jones, running for Congress in an Illinois District as the only registered Republican, while also being an outspoken holocaust denier, preaching horrible hate speech against Jews, immigrants and everyone that isn’t a Christian Englishperson. Is he a Republican Nazi?

When you’re the only registered Republican running for Congress in a district, you ought to get attention. Arthur Jones has always been a controversial individual, but then again, he never got the stage for public attention. That has changed as of now, as Arthur Jones had an interview live on CNN, and it wasn’t pretty.

Let us be clear, Arthur Jones may be a registered Republican, but both local and national party officials have officially denounced Arthur Jones and his views. That doesn’t change the fact though, that Arthur Jones is the only Republican candidate for his District for the mid-term. While he may stand for similar values on a surface level, one visit to his official website or a look into his past and speeches will inevitably show you how deep and perverted each idea can be spun if you have the poisoned mindset for it.

Arthur Jones the Nazi

Arthur Jones’ official website is full of horrendous statements and goals he would like to achieve. If you’re just looking at the basic keywords, it doesn’t even look too different from a very right-wing Republican. It’s when you read more in-depth where you realize just how far off Jones really is.

For example, Arthur Jones is defending the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms unless you are receiving public aid. Why? Allow me to quote:

“All these Black and Hispanic housing complexes are populated by thousands of these street gang thugs, living in subsidized housing where they hide their guns and plan their killings.”

This ideology also spreads to his thoughts about “illegal aliens” that are “spreading diseases and violent crime across the country.”

Arthur Jones is, fittingly, opposed to any LGBTQ related issue, as well as abortions, and wants the USA to stop all wars and “bring our troops home to defend our own country’s borders against illegal alien drug dealers, criminals, and potential terrorists.”

A Holocaust Denier

Sounds horrible, oh that’s just the beginning, he is also an avid Holocaust denier, going to exorbitant lengths pointing out flaws in the reporting of survivors and calls it “The ‘Holocaust’ Racket“.

In fact, reading about and listening to Arthur Jones is mostly a never-ending tirade of anti-semitism, as he blames Jews for literally everything from wars the US fights to fake news and economic issues. Once a Trump supporter, he even founded his own group following Trump’s campaign slogans: the “America First Committee” – an exclusive little organization “open to any white American citizen of European, non-Jewish descent” as the Sun Times quotes him.

However, Trump fell out of favor with Arthur Jones, which may be in part caused by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish. At least that’s what Arthur Jones hinted at during a neo-Nazi rally (of course) in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Arthur Jones: A Persistent Failure

All ideology cast aside, let’s face the facts. Arthur Jones is the only Republican candidate in his District to be nominated, although the Republican Party wants nothing to do with him due to his crass racist views. He has been active in politics for a while, mainly in association with the American Nazi Party as a leader and his failed attempts to become Mayor of Milwaukee, alderman of the 13th Ward of Chicago as well as seven failed attempts to run for political office in Illinois. He will be a candidate this time around in his District, but that District is known to vote Democrats anyway, so there isn’t a real chance Arthur Jones could really end up in office.

Nevertheless, his public appearance and views painfully remind us that it does get worse and that, with an insurgence of right-wing ideology, those outer right extremists grow too. They are a minority, but they too profit from a normalization in our political landscape to include increasingly right-wing policies as mainstream.

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