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American Democracy: Trump, Incarnation of a Flawed System

When Donald Trump won the presidential election, it shook the whole world to its very core. The list included liberals, minorities, and basically everyone who is alive today. We may even go so far as to say that it made the last 45 presidents of America roll in their very graves. Many people lost faith in the idea of American democracy and all that it stands for the minute a self-contradicting bigot such as Donald Trump became a leader of the free world.

Supporting Dictators

These may sound like wild accusations, but if you are someone of a sound mind, here are some facts for you. Mr. Trump is someone who continues to praise violent dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un by claiming that they have been far more successful leaders than any that America has previously seen. He has even gone so far as to claim Saddam Hussein was marvelous simply because he was good at stripping people of their rights and killing terrorists.

“Put Hillary Clinton Behind Bars!”, he said.

The fact that baffles the masses who stood up and raised their voices against the election results is that Donald Trump doesn’t simply admire authoritarians, it is the fact that he admires these people only because they are authoritarians. When he was still running for president, he stood in front of a live audience and promised that if he were to become president, putting Hillary Clinton behind bars would be one of his first official tasks. If that wasn’t enough, he said in a speech recorded in his first 100 days in office, that he would file lawsuits against every woman who ever accused him of sexual misconduct. That’s the current face of American Democracy.

American Democracy, Flaws, and Donald Trump

American democracy isn’t without its flaws. But the truth is that every party, as well as media outlets that stood firm against Donald Trump, has now been weakened. The day the majority went and voted for Donald Trump as president, what would otherwise be referred to as the “liberal non-democracy” died a quick but painful death.

There are many reasons for Trump’s ascend to power, but the main one lies in the combined failure of America’s economy. With its elite backlash and demographic anxiety, it is the country itself that gave birth to a man who is now wreaking havoc everywhere he goes, especially when he has access to social media websites like Twitter. We all know that Trump has not been able to hold back his thoughts on every matter. Since becoming president, Trump has even declined to use a secure phone line like the President’s before him have. This essentially puts the nation’s very security at risk.

The Better of Two Evils

As far as candidates for the election go, it is evident that Hillary Clinton was no better than Trump himself. When a true and honest candidate like Bernie Sanders steps out of the race after being humiliated, and publicly dismissed for his ideas, what choice did the Americans have other than to vote for a man like Donald Trump?

The Republicans have no choice but to back up Donald Trump regardless of what he says or does due to the two-party system. If Donald Trump was to be impeached dramatically, which is what many want, then the party will simultaneously lose their majority vote in the 2018 midterms. The repercussions of such an act would resonate through to the year 2020. This is why they are weighing their risks and continuing to allow Donald Trump to remain in office. Both of their fates are tied to one another. The only way out is if Donald Trump willfully gives his resignation to the office and we all know that is not happening anytime soon.

To answer the question that is lingering in your mind for the entirety of this article, yes, the system is flawed. When an honest man loses and a corrupt man wins, one has to stop and wonder where the world went wrong. An angry nation chose the only thing that seemed to make sense, in order to break the already broken system. The wheel that kept going round and round with one corrupt president after the other simply had to be broken by bringing in a man like Donald Trump.

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