The Age of Youth Depression and its Impact on Society

In a previous article, we looked at how depression, especially youth depression, and suicide continue to increase and ruin the lives of thousands of families around the world. Prevention, preparation and spotting the warning signs have become more prominent in schools, hospital, and other public places.

Youth suicide and the link to youth depression has seen an increase in hospitals. It’s been observed to have a “seasonal” pattern. As a result, many kids under the age of 18 are likely to commit suicide during the fall season.

Youth depression is also vastly different than depression for adults. It appears that more and more young people of this generation are suffering from the symptoms, with recent surveys showing that one in five teens suffers from clinical depression.

Why is Youth Depression Getting Worse?

There are plenty of documented factors that have been attributed to the shocking rise of youth depression. The majority of the reasons are linked to frequent use of technology, with the young generation being major contributors. The birth and subsequent growth of cyberbullying is still a relevant form of abuse that can lead to youth depression and suicide, as well as the culture of popularity and vanity many seem to find in social media sites like Facebook.

Other forms of technology, like video games, have also been seen as delivering psychological issues due to frequent use. Gaming addiction has been linked to youth depression who use it as an escape from their feelings. Social media can make people feel like ‘zombies’ and plenty of research has shown how browsing Instagram or Facebook for large amounts of time can create negative stimuli.

Instagram most likely to cause young people to feel depressed and lonely out of major social apps, study says from MGTOW

Aside from technology, youth depression could also be hereditary among someone’s family. The education system could be a factor as well, as it has created a culture of perfection in some countries, where the grade makes more of a difference than actual learning.

Societal pressures, rise in student loans and other issues have also become proven burdens on the youth, and a combination of other aforementioned factors are just a few things that have contributed to this epidemic of youth depression.

What is Being Done About Youth Depression?

Whether young or old, depression is a mental health issue that has become more prevalent as awareness and organizations push for more people to stay informed. But people are still afraid to say something is wrong, or perhaps the idea of being diagnosed with depression is still seen in negative connotations among family or friends.

[Serious] Why is depression so stigmatized in society? from AskReddit

However, much of this can only be alleviated through awareness. Technology may be causing several factors that increase youth depression. At the same time, it is also utilized to help promote depression awareness and to inform about counter measures.

Suicide Prevention hotlines, information on treatment, or even booking an appointment online has been made easier with the internet. And the future is already looking a few steps further in helping with depression. A.I. and data detection that recognizes symptoms of depression and provides counseling is one of those examples.

Whatever the future holds for youth depression, be aware that prevention and help are possible. There are plenty of options one can look into.

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