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Central Africa

Cameroon - Anglophone vs. Francophone

Cameroon Anglophone Problem: Is Colonial Ethnicity To Blame?

Boko Haram

Boko Haram: The Face of Religious Extremism


Eastern Africa

Raila Odinga

Kenya Media Shutdown: Odinga Swears Himself in as President

Anti-Gay Christians in Uganda

Anti-Gay-Ism: The Story of Anti-Gay Christians in Uganda

Waragi Uganda Alcoholism

Pearl of Africa: Waragi Alcoholism in Uganda

Northern Africa

Breast cancer in Algeria
Arab Spring Revolutions

Analyzing the Arab Spring: Why Revolutions Fail

Slavery Libya Slave Markets

Libya Slave Market and Slavery: Migrants Never in Short Supply

Southern Africa

Rheinmetall Weapon Factories Export

Rheinmetall: Exporting Weapon Factories to Conflict Areas

Nelson Mandela Money

Nelson Mandela: A Name Worth Billions of Dollars

Jacob Zuma President South Africa Rape

Western Africa

The Gambia Tourism Tyranny

Holidays in The Gambia: A Story of Tourism and Tyranny

Adebola Williams Elections Youth

Adebola Williams: The Mastermind behind African Elections

African American immigrants Back to Africa

Back to Africa: African American People are Fleeing the USA

Africa in Video

Defending the Human Rights of People with Albinism

The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands

Africa Trans Visibility Day