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Africa in 2018: The Best Possible Future for the Continent

It’s 2018! A chance for another fresh start. The previous year has been quite eventful creating both happy and sad memories. But bygones are bygones. We now look ahead, ready to take on what the day presents. 2017 set the stage for Africa in 2018. Many unsettled scores have been carried over to the new year. The never-ceasing political and social drama is patiently waiting to once again explode in our faces after the festivities come to an end. That said, here are the expectations and wishes we have for Africa in 2018.

No Elephants will Die at the Hands of Poachers

One of the most painful memories has been to see lifeless jumbos laying in pools of blood with their tusks crudely cut off. Countless elephants and rhinos have been killed in the last decade, causing a sharp decline in their population. Some of the greedy poachers have managed to escape while others bribed their way out of court. China, which is partly involved, and the rest of world should remain at the forefront of protecting these animals.

Political Stability in Africa in 2018

Some countries in Africa have remained war-torn since the days of European colonialism. You even wonder whether it’s a competition or what. These have really painted Africa in a bad light and, for some reason, it is only this ugly side that will always make it to the media. Economic growth in such countries remains at its lowest with poverty rising to epidemic levels. The Kenyan opposition leader, for instance, said he will swear himself in as president despite there being a legitimate sitting president. Now, where does that leave a country?

With political stability though, people will focus their energy on building up themselves rather than running for their lives. The tyrants who have held onto power for decades should really call it quits and go home.

The End of Slave Trading

Africa can be really weird. Some stories will make you melt in awe, others will make you burn with rage. And then there are the ones that will leave you in rage, confusion, jaw dropping on the floor and hiding your face in embarrassment. Like when you hear there is a booming slave trade in Libya. Really? Come on, Africa! We hope that all the perpetrators of the Libya slave trade will be apprehended and discarded in jail. There is no place for slavery in Africa in 2018.

No More Terror Attacks

Honestly, we all shudder whenever we hear of a terrorist attack. The terror menace has become a global concern. ISIS, its other terror-related groups, and radicalized individuals have staged deadly strikes throughout the world. We expect to see more global collaboration in flushing out the enemy within and ensure safety for every human being. Donald Trump, with his thriving tweeting career, and other world leaders should be on the forefront of this fight.

Better Policies for Young Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

The youth of the world has tons of unutilized potential. They all have lots of time and energy. Brilliant ideas that might just bring breakthroughs like food security to the entire world. Unfortunately, they lack the capital or proper support. Many get frustrated in their efforts and end up dropping their dreams. We want to see governments throughout Africa in 2018 to roll out elaborate plans to support entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups. The easier it is for them to get stable here in Africa, the less we shall have cases of brain-drain.

Slaying the Corruption Dragon

You cannot talk about Africa in 2018 and fail to mention corruption. Well, it is not an African thing exclusively, but it has really grown to pandemic levels on the continent. In fact, it has evolved into an autonomous entity that people subscribe to and remain untouchable. It has a way of fighting back and protecting those in it and once you are in, you never want to step out.

It’s been so tough that it is almost impossible to end corruption in Africa. It would only end if everybody was to be wiped away and replaced with a new generation. We, therefore, hope that that generation will come sooner than expected.

Closing of the Poverty Gap

Believe it or not, some people eat chicken on a daily basis while others eat like chicken. That is the sad reality in Africa in 2018. The government and tycoons have continued to amass wealth at the expense of the vulnerable. High taxes and high prices of basic commodities have led to the poor becoming poorer. We demand that the poverty gap will be addressed with immediate effect and that basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter be made available and affordable for every human being. Otherwise, if things stay as they are now, being poor will soon be synonymous with a death sentence.

The Future of Continent Africa in 2018

That said, there are many other things we want and expect of Africa in 2018. Some of these will begin with you and I, taking personal initiatives and declaring “I will be the change I want to see”. Yes, others may be beyond our control, but we will act on those we can, right? Here’s to an awesome resolution.

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