We at CrowdH are working hard to ensure we deliver unbiased news and reports to you on a daily basis. To achieve this level of independence and diversity, we rely on many citizen journalists around the world to lend us their voices and tell you their stories, making CrowdH a one-of-a-kind platform for our readers and content creators alike. But there is always more work to be done, as the world is vast, the stories endless and full of truths we have yet to uncover. That is why we are asking all of you to tell us your stories on CrowdH.

Do you have something important to say or do you believe you can shed light on events no one else can or will? If you have pictures, videos or written stories to share with us, please do and we will be glad to add your voice to our choir of true and honest reporting here at Crowdh.

All submissions can be emailed to yourvoice [at] crowdh.com

We cannot wait to hear your story!