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Who We Are
We’re a group of news junkies, citizen journalists and social media analysts from all around the world who got tired of the same old repetitive stories, misdirection and rhetoric coming from most mainstream news media. Our philosophy is simple, truth through crowd reporting and talking about what should matter in this world: People.

The Mission
We’ll always do our best to report important news and current events from all over the globe, without the usual liberal or conservative bias, by trimming the fat and focus on the facts, in the spirit of better information and knowledge sharing. We strongly believe that in this shrinking world connected by so much technology, we all have the power to change the news, and the world!

Our Promise
We vow to always remain completely transparent, nonpartisan, objective and unbiased by letting the people’s voices be heard, absolutely free of any political affiliation, corporate control and we’ll only accept to advertise ethical, fair-trade businesses, non-profits and socially conscious companies.


  • Pierre-Marcel De Mussac
    Pierre-Marcel De Mussac
  • Andreas Salmen
    Andreas Salmen
  • Martine Trottier
    Martine Trottier
    Web Editor/Social Media Manager
  • Syed Ahmed Raza
    Syed Ahmed Raza
    Pakistan Editor/Journalist

On The Ground

  • Patricia G. Abrihan
    Patricia G. Abrihan
    Citizen Journalist
  • Aamir Ali
    Aamir Ali
    Citizen Journalist
  • Arunopal Banerjee
    Arunopal Banerjee
  • Shagun Benipal
    Shagun Benipal
    Citizen Journalist
  • Martina Blazheska
    Martina Blazheska
    Citizen Journalist
  • Daniela D. Franco
    Daniela D. Franco
    Citizen Journalist
  • Hilary Droke
    Hilary Droke
    Citizen Journalist
  • Ian Fingado
    Ian Fingado
    Citizen Journalist
  • Nitin Gupta
    Nitin Gupta
    Citizen Journalist
  • Mark Anthony A. Grejaldo
    Mark Anthony A. Grejaldo
    Citizen Journalist
  • Lauren Hall
    Lauren Hall
    Citizen Journalist
  • Alex Kack
    Alex Kack
    Citizen Journalist
  • Maham Khan
    Maham Khan
    Citizen Journalist
  • Saumya Khanduja
    Saumya Khanduja
    Citizen Journalist
  • Titus Kuria
    Titus Kuria
    Citizen Journalist
  • Giwrgos Kourakos
    Giwrgos Kourakos
    Citizen Journalist
  • Zoe Jane Macnaughton
    Zoe Jane Macnaughton
    Citizen Journalist
  • Isabel Matos
    Isabel Matos
    Citizen Journalist
  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin
    Citizen Journalist
  • Jarek Martinez
    Jarek Martinez
    Citizen Journalist
  • Bri Michelle
    Bri Michelle
    Citizen Journalist
  • Claire Miller
    Claire Miller
    Citizen Journalist
  • Ioana Miron
    Ioana Miron
    Citizen Journalist
  • Ahmed Moin
    Ahmed Moin
    Citizen Journalist
  • Alex Muiruri
    Alex Muiruri
    Citizen Journalist
  • Alejandro Pérez Morales
    Alejandro Pérez Morales
    Citizen Journalist
  • Nishant Pokhrel
    Nishant Pokhrel
    Citizen Journalist
  • Kanchan Sharma
    Kanchan Sharma
    Citizen Journalist
  • Jeremy Wood
    Jeremy Wood
    Citizen Journalist

…and many contributors!