9 Ways to Be More Productive

Do you remember the time you had so much to do, and you just sat in front of the TV in your PJs eating Chinese takeaway? Well, I do. It seems so easy to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest rather than sitting down and planning the whole week.

Nevertheless, there are still ways to let go of your old procrastinating self and embark on an adventure of being productive. Whether it is work or just everyday life, with these ways, you’ll end up more creative and a lot more productive.

1. To Do list

A clear and concise to do list is the perfect way to save time while making sure that you get all your work done. You can do it daily, weekly or even monthly. With all your priorities set, you will save your hours and will be able to make the much-needed changes in your life.

2. Declutter

Decluttering a space is not always an easy task, especially, when that space is your day to day life. Just like your bedroom or kitchen, you need to put your priorities in order. There is no doubt this will take a few hours off your weekend, but it will save your sanity all the same.

There are numerous ways to do that like the Capsule Wardrobe: Capsule wardrobe is just an organized and coordinated wardrobe. While some might prefer to organize their closet in a particular order, whether by color or type of clothes, the best option is to get rid of any stuff that you don’t need.

3. Make sure that you are not killing yourself over commitments

Yes, we all love to have a social life, but it is not necessary to keep yourself on edge because of it. Write down your commitments and maintain the ones that you love and cross out the rest. Learn to say no rather than making excuses later.

4. Create a productive routine for yourself

With our hectic lives and copious commitments, every person needs a set routine to keep himself/herself from getting run over. Create a structure and follow it to the word. Though it might feel unusual for a few days, you’ll thank me later!

5. Meal plan for the week

It is said that we spend about 44 minutes each day thinking about what to eat next. Think about it! That is two years of our lives spent thinking if we should make that lasagna or call it quits and order a pizza.

Now think how many things would have seen the light of day if you just didn’t have to think what to eat. By creating a meal plan for the week, you can minimize the stress, save at least 30 minutes and indulge in things you love. Meal plans prep will help you prepare the food well in advance and you won’t waste any portions either.

6. Say No to Digital Interruptions

Every single notification on your phone and browser is an interruption. I know you’ll agree with me when I say that every ring and jingle on our devices breaks our focus and we automatically find our hands inching towards them. To be more productive, these rings and jingles have to go away. There are quite some apps that can help you to increase your productivity, but then again, it is an app and therefore a possible distraction. The best way to keep focused while working is to put your phone on silent or do not disturb mode. No updates, no notifications, and full attention.

7. Good Night’s Sleep

A good night sleep is a basic necessity. Without uninterrupted sleep of at least seven hours, you’ll not only have trouble focusing on the matters at hand but will lose your creative outlet. We often need the caffeine filled nights to complete the project and wow the bosses, but you should compensate those nights with a few nights adhering to a balanced sleep schedule. A well-rested body and brain will give you the means to excel all day. If for some reason, you are not able to sleep even after going to bed, you can try some of these things:

  • Invest in a good mattress and pillows
  • Buy noise canceling headphone or a sleep mask if your rest is badgered due to noise or light
  • Don’t drink coffee or caffeine based drinks at least an hour before you sleep

8. Dance it Out

I know what you are thinking. How can dancing increase your productivity? But it definitely can. Dancing is known to boost the happy hormones and a much-needed boost in health. Whether you are angry or bursting with extra energy, dancing is sure you give you a way to channel it into something positive. Play your favorite song and give this a try.

9. Exercise

Just like dancing, exercise is just the thing to make your day begin with positivity. Fresh air at the beginning of a day will increase your positivity and productivity. Stimulation with exercise in nature will give you the boost you need to stay on top of your tasks.

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