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9 People You Should Follow If You Are Into Social Justice Activism

Social Justice Activist — a term that can have a good or a bad meaning, depending in which corner of the Internet you’re at. Regardless of your interpretation, it’s undeniable that social media has become a sound platform for social justice, enabling everyone, from celebrities, scientists, writers to your average user, to speak up about certain problems within our society and educate their friends and followers.

If you want to be up to date and learn more about the social justice fight, here is a list of celebs who make good use of their social media accounts.

1. Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress has grown up to be way more than just that. Among all her accomplishments, she is a UN WOMEN Global Goodwill Ambassador. She has given many public speeches, advocating for women’s rights across the globe and uses her social media accounts to bring attention to gender inequality. Emma even has a feminist book club, which she started by leaving feminist books all around the London tube for random passerby’s to find. Women from different countries used her idea to hide different books all around the world, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2017.

2. Rowan Blanchard

Rowan is only 15-years-old, and she has already contributed a lot to change the world. She also knows a lot more about gender and racial discrimination than the average adult. Although she is primarily an actress, she is active on her Twitter account, where she speaks up to support equal rights for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ communities.

3. JK Rowling

JK Rowling enjoys a huge following on Twitter, and not just for writing the books that shaped all 90’s kids’ childhoods. She has been an extremely vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights, ferociously defending the community. After stating that one of her book characters, Albus Dumbledore, is a homosexual man, she was heavily criticized from all sides. Social justice warriors criticized her for having only one LGBTQ character and lacking representation, while conservatives swarmed her profile with hate speech. There is no denial that JK Rowling has access to a lot of young people, which puts her in a good position to influence and inspire them to do better.

4. Laverne Cox

This actress is most commonly known for portraying Sophia Burset in the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black. However, the social justice side of the Internet knows her primarily for being openly transgender and acting as a spokesperson for black women and LGBTQ people. She uses her Twitter profile as a standing point, from where she openly discusses questions regarding trans people, standing up to bullies, and tries to be as good of an example as she can for other young transgender people. She is someone to look up to, not only as a transgender woman but as a human being.

5. Bill McKibben

Although he has authored a dozen of books, Bill is an extremely active Twitter user. He is an environmentalist who uses his books, as well as social media to educate the public about climate change, global warming, renewable energy, and pollution, as well as to incite change in the way we use our natural resources and treat our environment. As an activist, he is most famous for leading the 2011 protest against the Keystone pipeline, eventually resulting in success, as well as for actively opposing Trump’s stand on climate change.

6. Mark Horvath

After losing his job and his home, Mark was left with nothing but his camera and a $45 startup budget. Feeling that he ‘was losing his mind,’ he took the camera in his hands and started a project that is very well known today – Invisible People. Invisible People handles a prevalent issue in the USA – homelessness. The project took the form of a Vlog that shows different homeless individuals and all their personal details. Mark Horvath is a very passionate advocate for homeless people and people living in poverty. His Twitter profile is another way of his to lift the stigma surrounding these disadvantaged groups of individuals.

7. Beverly Bond

Beverly Bond is the founder of the Black Girls Rock!, a non-profit organization, which is essentially a mentorship program for young black women. The program aims to empower black girls, by teaching them leadership, helping them build self-esteem and a positive view of themselves. While Beverly does use Twitter to promote her organization, she also tweets and retweets a lot about current racial issues in the USA and highlights powerful and successful black women and their stories.

8. Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill is a professor at Temple University, as well as an activist and author. His Twitter profile features his viewpoints on the Black-Palestinian solidarity movement – a social movement against state-sanctioned violence. He often points out problems black individuals face in the USA, like mass incarceration, speaks about the Black Lives Matter movement and criticizes USA’s poorly constructed educational system.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

How can any list of active personalities be complete without mentioning Leonardo DiCaprio? The well-known actor has not only been very vocal about Global Warming and environmental issues wherever he goes; he has been a very active individual to ensure his actions are as impactful as his Social Media preaching. So much even, that he made a documentary about Global Warming and climate change, that will be released later this year and aims to show the impacts the changing climate has on the world and if there is anything ever to undo or halt the damage we’re doing.

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